She’s Having A Baby!

No, not the Kevin Bacon movie! Today I have something special for you: I am happy to help in sharing the news that Nicole, from Polish Me, Please!,  is having a baby! Let me tell you a little bit about Pregozilla–I mean Nicole. She is one the very first (maybe the first??) blogger friend that I made when I started my blog about a year and a half ago. I am so lucky to have met someone like her who is kind and hilarious while being totally snarky–we egg each other on and have a blast. So today, a few of us future “online aunties” have gotten together to do a post with baby-themed nails. Are you ready for my contribution?

Sinful Colors Unicorn

Sinful Colors Unicorn

Sinful Colors Unicorn

To start, I painted my nails with Sinful Colors Unicorn from the Sugar Rush Collection. Every bad thing that you have heard about this polish is true. The formula is such a pain in the ass because it’s crazy streaky. I applied 4 coats here and I am still not satisfied with how it turned out. The worst part is that I love this shade of yellow but the shit-tastic formula totally ruins it.

Baby Nails

Baby Nails

Baby Nails

Don’t diss my nails; it’s the thought that counts, right? I was thinking of those cute little building blocks when I did these nails. I’m super happy for Nicole, her husband and her two fur babies although I am suspecting that Minnie is going to be crazy jealous of the baby and is always going to be up in Nicole’s face for attention even more. hahaha Good luck with that, Nicole! Both Frosso and I would like to volunteer to take Bubba off her hands, though. hehehehe

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15 thoughts on “She’s Having A Baby!

  1. These are adorable! Baby blocks! I hope the baby businesses understand how social media can impact their advertising. You ladies should applaude yourselves on the level of design and talent that you posses in the arena of nail art & any and all things nail polish!

  2. These are very literal lol but super awesome. I’m jealous that Unicorn looks good on you…after dealing with the crap formula I had the pleasure of sickly looking fingers. I wanted to incorporate yellow in my mani, but all I could think of were ducks and I learned my lesson to stay away from bird territory 😛
    P.S. Minnie gets no love, but I completely agree with you!
    Frosso recently posted..Nicole’s Preggo!My Profile

  3. AW! Baby blocks! Cute idea!
    From what I have heard from you all, I am staying far, far away from that SC Unicorn (although the name is appropriate, eh?). For four coats and being kind of a mess, I still think this looks good on you!
    I hope that Minnie is not a jerk and proves you all wrong! I can’t volunteer to take her, though…two little white female dogs together? Bitch fight (literally) city and diva attitude overload for me!
    Aw, this has been so fun! I’m glad that we had a chance to celebrate Nicole and her Cardboard Jellybean Unicorn!

  4. These are adorable! I love those little wooden blocks and these are just perfect! I have Unicorn and let me vouch for you- you speak the truth. It is absolutely shit-tastic for sure. I HATE IT! If I went to Walgreens very often I would return it, that’s how bad it is. Thick and streaky yet sheer and disgusting… I honestly don’t know how you made it look this good. I used it for nail art and idk if I can bring myself to use it as a base color. YUCK. Anyway- thanks so much for participating in this with me, it really means a lot. Oh and you’re spot-on about Minnie being jealous as heck! I can almost guarantee she will be.
    Nicole recently posted..Baby Nails!My Profile

  5. I love how that color looks on you and know to stay away from it because it’ll look God awful on me. I haven’t told Momma-to-be congrats yet, but will be headed that way in a moment.

    Your blocks are totally cute! Almost so realistic if I didn’t know better, I’d try to take them off your nails and play with them. :0) Congrats Auntie-to-be!
    Angela S recently posted..Some small changes and 2 nails wheelsMy Profile

  6. Sorry I only comment NOW, I forgot! Purely as yesterday I had to start on the Bobafett beanie I’m making for a client. Anyway!
    I love these Cynth! Very out of the box.
    I always wanted what you and Nics have, and I’m very lucky to have found someone like that in SA… One day hopefully she’ll be pregozilla lmao 😉 and then I’m TOTALLY recreating THIS mani!!!
    vonimoller recently posted..Baby Themed Mani for NicoleMy Profile

  7. I love this mani and I love how you guys all did this! so awesome. Maybe nwo that I have a big girl phone, I can stay in contact with you guys more often and participate in the shenanigins and fun stuff like this. hehe

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