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Remember when Lynnderella put out Connect The Dots and everyone pretty much went batshit crazy for it? That seems like 5 billion years ago, right? Things seem to move so quickly in the nail polish world that we quickly got similar offerings from other indie makers. While the polish I have for you today is not an exact dupe of Connect The Dots, it is more of a close cousin. Formula X Chaotic is a black and white glitter topper with different sized black and white hex glitter as well as black bar glitter. You may notice that the bottle shape of this polish is different than the current Formula X polishes and that is because it was one of the first polishes from this line. Let’s take a look at this polish over a gorgeous pink.

Formula X Chaotic 1aFormula X Chaotic 2Yeah, I know that we’ve all seen a million versions of this type of polish, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not any less pretty. I love the combination of the black and white over a hot pink like Golden Rose 09. The formula on this polish is fine…nothing to really complain about because it goes on well and you get good glitter coverage with one coat.

So…nothing groundbreaking with today’s post. I really like how this glitter topper looks over this hot pink color! I’m feeling kind of blah today so I’ll cut it short. I have a new collection to share with you tomorrow so make sure to check back in with me. Thanks for the visit today, and I hope you have enjoyed your weekend.

10 thoughts on “Formula X Chaotic

  1. It actually took a year or two before we started seeing indie-esque polishes from mainstream brands… but they’re starting to pop up more and more, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Of course, nothing beats the real deal, especially when it comes to creativity and uniqueness. But it’s nice to be able to pick up something more interesting than a standard creme, shimmer or glitter at a big box store. 🙂

    This is a nice one. It looks like it’s pretty much exactly the same as Hard Candy’s Black Tie Optional, which you can get at Walmart… I dunno how much the Formula X polishes are, so it may or may not be cheaper. Hard Candy has quite a few other really interesting and unique polishes as well.

    1. These are on the pricey end of the scale so I think that there are plenty more economical alternatives. I always try to check out the Hard Candy products when I go to Walmart but the area is usually such a horrible mess that I just give up.

  2. I’m still totally obsessed with the black and white glitters and am still trying to get my hands on every one that I can. They look great over any color!

  3. I love this combo, but when I first used my black and white glitter, I put it over a bright-ish pink, so I may be biased. 😉
    The one I have is kind of gloopy, but it’s one of those things where I hesitate to buy another because I have one. I finally caved on getting a better white polish, so I’ll get over it, haha.
    I’m with you on Hard Candy…and that Flower line. Last time I tried to check them out, a lady in the aisle was trying tons of something (I forget what product) directly off the shelf & kept putting them back. I got grossed out and left and haven’t re-visited since.

    1. That grosses me out. The day I went some lady was using lipsticks…ON HER LIPS…and then putting them back. I let a Walmart employee know but who knows if they did anything. I saw a woman opening up WNW palettes once and I told an employee and they did tell her to stop. Don’t do that to cheap make up. It’s gross and it’s ruined.

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