Winner Announced: Nailtiques Mini Manicure Set

Before I announce the winner of the Nailtiques Giveaway, I want to fess up to something:

The post I wrote yesterday was kind of sort of an April Fool’s Joke. Ehh….I guess I should have made it a little more outrageous so someone would have doubted my story a bit, but apparently everyone does think I’m a ghetto bitch and my story wasn’t questioned one bit. After I posted it and everyone started commenting on it thinking that it was 100% true, I felt bad. lol  Anyway, don’t hate me and I hope you at least got a laugh out of it. I would like to mention that although the part about the nosy customer was made up, that really is something that would happen to me. I seem to attract trouble everywhere I go so now I’m going to pay for fooling you.

Anyway, the winner of the Nailtiques Mini Manicure set is…


A big congrats to Bailey! I have emailed her and she has 24 hours to respond or else I will be picking a new winner. Thanks to everyone for participating and don’t forget to enter my new giveaway for a set of minis from Essie Resort Collection for 2013!

Good luck everyone!

18 thoughts on “Winner Announced: Nailtiques Mini Manicure Set

  1. Congrats, Bailey!

    I know I swallowed that story hook, line, and sinker lmao! Friends always told me i was gullible 😛

  2. Also felt a little unsettled by that story. Only cuz of your previous “going ghetto” references! Much ado bout nutin’.

  3. Haha, that was made up? I’m almost a bit disappointed now because it was a pretty funny story and I could totally see that happening. The nosy customer bit, that is, not you. I did think you went a bit overboard there with your responses, but hey, the customer was pretty rude… 😉

    Don’t feel bad, I think that’s what makes an April Fool’s joke great: when everyone falls for it.

  4. AHAHA! That’s a creative April Fool’s day joke xD The only thing I came up with was getting my grandad to believe I’d erased out Skyrim saves. Next year im breaking out plastic wrap *Nods*
    And it wasn’t so much I’ve the impression you’re ghetto, rather that I’ve had experiences very close to that happen to myself and it’s rather vexing ^^’

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