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Birthday Polish: Bourjois Vert Chlorophylle

I don’t know what it is about me and green polishes, but I have found myself really attracted to them. When I saw some swatches of Bourjois Vert Chlorophylle online, I instantly wanted it. I was beyond psyched when I got this beauty for my birthday from one of my lovely French polish enablers: Sabrina from Polish In Paris. She has single-handedly created a Kiko monster out of me with all the lovely polishes she has sent me that are not available in the US. It’s a double edged sword, I tell you! Bourjois is yet another brand that is not easy to come by here in the States so this makes this polish EXTRA special.

Bourjois Vert Chlorophylle Swatch          Bourjois Vert Chlorophylle Swatch

This is 2 buttery coats of Vert Chlorophylle WITHOUT a top coat. Look how amazingly shiny this polish is. I guess their Ultra Shine line really is that shiny.

I was feeling a little dot-happy so this happened:

Bourjois Vert Chlorophylle with dot design          Bourjois Vert Chlorophylle with dot design

I don’t know about you, but dotting tools have recently opened up the crazy world of nail art for me. I’ve had dotting tools for a while but I guess I never really used them except for, uhm…dots. Let me tell you, they are not just for dots! These dots remind me of a conversation I had with my friend who is a jr. high school teacher because she was telling me how she has to have like 30 sets of eyes going all over the place to keep her kids in line. We started doing crazy googly eyes with our fingers and we laughed because we got to talking about what horrible kids we were in jr. high. Because of this, she can anticipate everything those kids are even thinking of throwing at her.

So what do you think about this polish? Do you like using dotting tools? Thanks again to Sabrina for sending me such a lovely polish!