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Newer Essies I Had Passed On

Last time I showed you two Essie polishes from some way older collections and today I have two from more recent collections. I don’t know about you, but the more polish I acquire, the more discriminating I become. I used to just run out and buy whole collections without really thinking about the colors–I just wanted every single polish because I felt incomplete not getting a complete collection. Now I tend to pass on colors more often. Case in point: I only bought ONE of the OPI Germany polishes because all the others were a snoozefest for me.

Today I have two previously shunned Essies to show you:



First one up is Tour De Finance:


This was the only color from the Navigate Her Collection that I didn’t purchase. Why? I have no idea. Maybe I was hating on pink that day. Who knows?! It’s a very shimmery hot pink with an awesome formula. You can get away with one thick coat but I applied 2 thin coats here.

Next up is Dive Bar:


Oh, Dive Bar! Why are you so deceptive? When I saw that purple shimmer flash in the bottle, I was drooling. But where did it go once I put it on my nails? Sadness! I’m not saying it isn’t an awesome nail polish, I was just a little disappointed that the purple was MIA.  The formula on this seemed a little watery but  it went on easily and 2 coats were enough for full opacity.  Do I like this? Hell yeah!

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Are there any polishes that you previously passed on and recently picked up?

****These items were sent for review. This in no way influences my review and opinion of the product.****