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Stamping Saturdays #40

Stamping Saturdays #40

Sweet baby Jesus on rollerskates, I think I came down with some sort of stomach bug yesterday. My stomach was killing me all day, but I just seem to get sick for random reasons. I didn’t eat anything bad yesterday. In fact, I ate pretty well: yogurt, apple with peanut butter, string cheese and a chicken salad–this was before dinner. Anyway, I think my system has never been the same since I had my gall bladder removed a few years ago. My stomach feels pretty normal now so whatever! Suck it, stupid stomach issues! Yesterday after work I went to my nail polish places and I kind of went overboard. You see, I was feeling pretty good because my manager was giving me kudos for something and then even the director of our department stopped by to tell me what a great job I did. It’s always nice to be recognized for doing a good job, right? Sometimes it feels that the only time you hear from management is when you mess up, so it’s a nice surprise to hear positive feedback too! Look at all the stuff I got:

Polish BingeI tracked down the rest of the Cuccio Colour Precious Metals collection so I was beyond excited. I also found the Essie Winter Collection (which seems so wrong!) and some Color Club Halo Hues that I hadn’t picked up yet. And lastly I picked up a few dreamy Kiara Sky cremes, one of which I will be using for today’s Stamping Saturdays. Ready to check it out?

Kiara Sky Teal The Spotlight 1Kiara Sky Teal The Spotlight 2This beauty is Kiara Sky Teal The Spotlight. You’re welcome. That is all I really have to say. It’s gorgeous, has a gorgeous formula, it is shimmery, buttery and opaque. Perfection.

MoYou London Sailor Collection Plate 07 1MoYou London Sailor Collection Plate 07 2The color totally made me thing of the ocean so I used my MoYou London Sailor Collection Plate 07 (press sample) to stamp this wave design. I’m really digging this! After the fails from the previous weeks, I’m glad this design turned out.

What are you up to today? I don’t have anything exciting planned so I think I’m just going to swatch my little heart out. My fingers are scared in advance, but I’m also really excited to try out all my new pretties! Thanks for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.

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