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Jessica Show Stopper

Here is another polish to add to my Baby Poop Color Chronicles. Granted it’s no China Glaze Trendsetter but it has that weird quality that always makes me think of baby poo as soon as I look at my nails. Yeah, totally not a good image. I got some random stranger compliments on this polish so I guess it looks more interesting than I thought. These pictures make it super obvious that I don’t wrap my tips and this polish really needed it!

The shimmer is very noticeable on my nails and I wasn’t expecting it because the bottle color just looks dark and without shimmer. I also think that the polish did not react well with my topcoat. Once I put Poshé on it, it started to look streaky which was really weird! I do like this polish I don’t see too many of these dirty olive colors, but they are certainly cropping up more often in random collections.

Do you have any similar colors in your collection? What do you think of this color?

Thanks for reading, and I hope you had a great weekend.