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Stamping Saturdays #5

Stamping Saturdays #5




It has been 5 Saturdays since I started up Stamping Saturdays and I think today we have most of the girls participating so I’m super excited. When I say the girls, I am talking about my girls (no, not those!). The girls are Amy, Siobhan, Frosso, Nicole, Amanda, Jessica and Lesley. While I have only met one of these amazing ladies in person so far (Southern California is still not over the polish destruction that Lesley and I caused), I spend so much time emailing back and forth with them about EVERYTHING. And I mean everything. Stamping Saturdays was just an idea for all of us to do something together without the pressure of a challenge. We’re all pretty relaxed about it, and we post when we can. It’s only fitting that today I have my favorite stamping mani ever. Maybe I’m biased, but I absolutely love how this turned out, so I hope that you all love it too. Let’s take a look at my pictures below so you can be the judge.

OPI Ink Suede aI started out with the delicious OPI Ink Suede. Absolutely breathtaking polish. There are no more words.

Konad M64 1aKonad M64 2aI used Konad M64 and my white special polish to stamp this design. I know that there are a lot of polishes out there that work for stamping, but nothing really beats the white special polish. I find that it stamps so cleanly and crisply that it’s definitely worth the expense. I usually buy my konad polishes on amazon and have always been happy with my purchases.

So what do you think about this design? Do you like it as much as I do? For other awesome designs, make sure to check out the links below, Thanks for stopping by today, and I hope you enjoy your weekend.