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The Devil Wears Polish Part 2

The Devil Wears Polish Part 2




I’m super duper excited that tomorrow is Thursday because that means that my weekend is ALMOST here. Wooot! I don’t know what kind of trouble I’ll be getting into this weekend since Sunday is my birthday so I guess I’ll be doing birthday stuff . And by birthday stuff I mean crying in a corner because I am entering my mid-30’s, getting totally drunk and/or buying a billion polishes because there’s no better excuse than my birthday to go completely nuts. I’m only kidding! Of course I can’t buy A BILLION polishes, but watch me try!

I am so glad that I did a bunch of swatching last weekend because who knows when I will have time to do more. I’m super glad that I finally got a chance to swatch the last two polishes that Tami sent to me. Have you guys gotten a chance to check out all her creations? Well if you haven’t you better do it soon because she did a lot of reformulations (drooling over the new holos!!!) and will have new collections coming out. Let’s take a look at Get Your Pop Rocks Off and Nice Melons.

The Devil Wears Polish Get Your Pop Rocks Off 1The Devil Wears Polish Get Your Pop Rocks Off 2The Devil Wears Polish Get Your Pop Rocks Off is a fun yellow based polish with various sized circle glitter. It can be very difficult to get the bigger glitter on your nails but I kind of like the sparse large glitter. The formula feels a little sheer so you will need 3-4 coats for full coverage. Is it just me or does this remind you of marshmallow peeps?

The Devil Wears Polish Nice Melons 1The Devil Wears Polish Nice Melons 2The Devil Wears Polish Nice Melons reminds me of kiwis! Well, except for the pink squares.hehe This polish is my favorite of the two but it has a very interesting finish. Without topcoat, it feels very meal-y. Almost like gritty and bumpy but it does get smooth with a nice top coat. I needed 3 coats of this polish for complete coverage.

Let me know what you think of these polishes. Better yet, make sure that you follow Tami and The Devil Wears Polish on her shop, blog and facebook. Thanks so much for stopping by today and I will talk to you soon.