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China Glaze FYI

China Glaze FYI

Hey girls! What’s crackalackin’ today? I’m just chugging along trying not to let the heat completely kill me this summer. I absolutely hate the hot weather so in my head I am already dreaming of Winter because it’s still super hot during the Fall here in SoCal. I hate you and your long Summers, SoCal! Anyway, today I am showing you the newest baby from the OMG Collection: China Glaze FYI. I picked this up a couple of weeks ago so I was beyond excited to get my hands on it. Unfortunately, my excitement fizzled pretty quickly. Let me show you why…

123This is three coats of China Glaze FYI…or is it? Where is the holo? I mean, I do see some holo and the formula was identical to some of my other OMG polishes, but I ask again: WHERE IS THE HOLO? I was very disappointed but then I figured I should check the holo in direct bright sunglight since the OMG polishes look pretty meh in indoor light. Did that do the trick?

45Not really. I mean, it really does warm up the polish and you can kind of see more holo but it does not have the strong linear holo effect that I was expecting. Did I get a dud? Worst yet, did I get a fake? I just don’t know what to think. All of the pictures I have googled show a much stronger holo effect so I am sad and confused.

If you have this polish, does your bottle look like mine? Is the holo this weak on yours? Could it be the age of the polish? I just don’t know why mine looks so lackluster and I’m trying really hard not to think I got a fake bottle. I did get it on evilbay so I know there are always risks but this is so disappointing! Despite my disappointment in regards to the holo, or lack thereof, this is a very pretty nude! It reminds me of a lighter beige version of Butter London All Hail The Queen. So what is your verdict? Do you think I got a fake? Thanks so much for the visit today, and I will talk to you soon!