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Fifty Shades Of Crap

I just finished Fifty Shades of Grey, and all I can say is holy horrible writing, Batman! If I ever meet a woman who actually uses the phrase “inner goddess”, I will surely punch her right in the ovary. A straight shot. Right to the babymaker. (Yes, Anchorman is one of my favorite movies ever!) I can’t think of any fictional character that has annoyed me more than Anastasia, and considering that I am a voracious reader, that’s really saying a lot. So, how do I explain that I read this book in one day? I mean, it’s not that I found the kind of retarded sex scenes that interesting. I can pretty much guarantee that because one of the main unfortunate side effects of being on an SSRI is that you pretty much have the libido of a corpse. So whatever. I am just really interested in finding out what happened to Christian that made him that way. I wonder if they’re really planning to adapt this trilogy into some mainstream non-porn films. I guess I should start on part 2 soon…

In other random news, I’ve been feeling kinda crappy. I have someone in my life who completely stresses me out and I’m finding it difficult to deal with the whole situation. For the last two nights, I’ve been having strange nightmares which in turn have me in a state of anxiety all day. I’m trying to not let it affect me so much but my resolve is crumbling. I know maybe I’m just hitting a low tonight, so I hope that I will feel better tomorrow.

Have you read the Fifty Shades of Grey books? What do you think of them?