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Nubar Spring In The City Collection

Nubar Spring In The City Collection




I know that in many parts of the country, it really isn’t Spring yet but in others, like Southern California, it feels like Summer already. What is a girl to do besides loading up on Spring polish collections? On Saturday I went to my nail polish places to scope out any new collections so I was super excited when I spotted the Nubar Spring In The City Collection. This collection is made up of 8 shades that are mostly Spring inspired, but I also see some darker shades that make me think more of Fall. The formula on all of these polishes was pretty much identical, so I’ll show you my swatches below and then I’ll give you my thoughts at the end.

Nubar Dreamy Moss 1Nubar Dreamy Moss 2Nubar Dreamy Moss

Nubar New Mood 1Nubar New Mood 2Nubar New Mood

Nubar City Self 1Nubar City Self 2Nubar City Self

Nubar Spring In Her Step 1Nubar Spring In Her Step 2Nubar Spring In Her Step

Nubar Sleek In The City 1Nubar Sleek In The City 2Nubar Sleek In The City

Nubar Fasion Is Forward 1Nubar Fasion Is Forward 2Nubar Fashion Is Forward

Nubar Wildflower Blooming 1Nubar Wildflower Blooming 2Nubar Wildflower Blooming

Nubar Succulent 1Nubar Succulent 2Nubar Succulent

 I am a huge Nubar fan so I was a little confused about these polishes. The formula was just strange in that the polishes seemed like they were all separated. They do mix up once you give them a good shake and roll, but they still seemed a little thin. I found that the best way to work with these polishes was to make sure you give them a good mix and then apply three thin coats. This seemed to work well, but I was still thrown off by the strange formula that is NOT typical of what I have come to expect from the brand. Overall, I think that despite the somewhat awkward formula, the colors are nice. Succulent and Wildflower Blooming are super similar–so much so that I thought they were mislabeled and maybe I got two of the same color. Once I applied them, I did see slight difference. My favorite color of the collection is Spring In Her Step…and New Mood…and maybe Dreamy Moss. hahaha! Ok, I really do like these colors–even the ones that look very Spring appropriate such as Fashion Is Forward and Sleek In The City.

So what do you think about this collection? Do you like Nubar polishes as much as I do? Since these polishes aren’t exactly unique in my hoard collection, I have put them up for sale so please check out my blog sale here if you’re interested in trying these out. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.


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