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Pixi Nail Polish Collection Fall 2012

It’s no secret that I love Target. I have problems staying away from Target because I go there often to buy essentials like dish detergent, laundry supplies and some bath products, but I always end up getting pulled into the beauty section. I don’t know about you, but I think that in the last few years, Target has made huge improvements in their beauty department from offering tons of different brands AND making everything very appealing to the eye. When I first ran across the Pixi cosmetics display, my eyes obviously zeroed in on the nail polishes. At first, I thought they were nail art polishes because they look so much like them with the long bottle shape. Upon closer inspection, I realized they were regular nail polishes, but I hesitated getting some because I had never heard of the brand before. In my usual enabling ways, today I have the Pixi Nail Polish Collection for Fall 2012 to share with you.

Their Fall collection consists of three jewel-toned shades: Amazing Amethyst, Classy Cocoa and Evening Emerald.

Amazing Amethyst Pixi Nail Polish Collection Fall 2012 Swatch          Amazing Amethyst Pixi Nail Polish Collection Fall 2012 Swatch

Amazing Amethyst is a color that I am super attracted to because, well…it’s PURPLE! Besides it being purple, it’s just glowing like a mofo. Unfortunately, I don’t think this color is super unique. I haven’t done a side by side comparison, but this reminds me of OPI Purple With a Purpose. The formula was good and opaque at two coats.

Classy Cocoa Pixi Nail Polish Collection Fall 2012 Swatch          Classy Cocoa Pixi Nail Polish Collection Fall 2012 Swatch

Classy Cocoa looked kind of yawn-worthy when I first looked at the bottle, but I was glad to be wrong. I love the glow of this polish, and I was surprised to not have anything similar to this color.  The formula on this was ok. It seemed a little thin, but it builds up nicely.

Evening Emerald Pixi Nail Polish Collection Fall 2012 Swatch          Evening Emerald Pixi Nail Polish Collection Fall 2012 Swatch

Evening Emerald is the star here. I am super annoyed that this color is photographing so much more blue than it actually is in real life so please imagine this being a lot more green. The shimmer in this polish is out of this world, and I definitely appreciate a dark color like this now that the temperatures are finally coming down. I want to pull out some polishes to compare. The first color that came to mind is China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald but I am sure it’s a lot more green. The formula on this was also a tad thin, but I had no problems building it up. I had to apply 3 thin coats for these swatches.

Overall, I am happy with my first experience with Pixi polishes. I think the formula was nice and the colors are pretty, but here comes the “but.” I am not a fan of the price. These polishes are $8 for .25 oz. which makes them way more expensive than polishes such as Essie and OPI and even my holy grail higher end polishes by Illamasqua. Would I purchase regular and common colors from the Pixi line of polishes? Probably not, but I would definitely buy a color like Evening Emerald. I am really curious to know what a creme polish from this line is like so I’ll be paying close attention to the Pixi display the next time I am at Target. Pixi nail polishes can be purchase from Target and target.com or you can also order from pixibeauty.com

Let me know if you’ve tried these polishes out before. I’m curious to hear what you think of them if you’ve tried them. What do you think of their fall trio collection? Which color is your favorite?

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**These products were provided for review purposes. All opinions are my own.**