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Sation Beyond Bubblegum Pink

Sation Beyond Bubblegum Pink




Any time I wear pink–especially super hot pink–I tend to get a lot of compliments.  Maybe it’s because neon colors really POP on my dark skin? Either way, I love how hot pink look on me and some of my favorite lipsticks include NARS Funny face, Illamasqua Eurydice and MUFE #36–yep, all eye-searing pink. Yesterday my friend coaxed me out of my sickness coma and we went out to get some lunch and then we went to Michael’s to pick up some melmers. They are currently BOGO Free so how could I resist?  You may recall that early this year I had some massive blog sales where I think I probably got rid of close to half my stash–I think I sold over $1,000 in nail polish!!!  In 6 months, I think I have pretty much bought back the quantities I sold off and then some! That’s pretty scary and I’m in a delusional frame of mind where I am telling myself that the reason I have acquired so much new polish is because I’ve gotten a lot of them for review. *cue delusional music*

Anyway, today I was working on putting together my two new melmers and also wanted to consider a new way of organizing my stash. Well, I saw this  pretty pink polish and couldn’t resist taking it out for a spin. Sation Beyond Bubblegum Pink is a beautiful bubbleyum-bubblegum pink with a lot of shimmer in it which makes it look a little frosty. Let me show you what I’m talking about:


Beyond Bubblegum Pink 1


Beyond Bubblegum Pink 2


Beyond Bubblegum Pink 3


This polish so full of shimmer that it does have a sort of frosty look to it.  It is a very bright pink and it acts like a neon in that it dries to a satiny finish. I applied 3 thin coats for the swatches above and did not top coat it.


Miss & Makeup 1


Miss & Makeup 2


Miss & Makeup 3


Miss & Makeup is a super fun glitter topper from their I Love Miss-self glitter collection. There is something about that shard black glitter that really makes this look unique. It’s a really easy glitter to apply and I didn’t have trouble getting a nice even coat. I did notice that I had to shake it up real well because the glitter in the bottle had settled.


So what do you think of this pink polish? Is it something that you would wear? How do you feel about bright pink polish and make-up in general?  I am still super sick so I’m not looking forward to going to work tomorrow.  My throat is bugging me a lot and my cough is really dry and painful. I am probably going to have to drink some hot tea at work tomorrow to soothe my throat and be able to get through work. Why did I have to get sick just as the summer season is starting? It’s supposed to get outrageously hot in the next few days so I’m dreading it big time. Thanks for catching up with me today, and I’ll talk to you soon!

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