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Hello everyone! I have some super fun news today that I am beyond excited about: I just got the news that my Minnie nail design was chosen to be featured on Minnie’s Closet on the OPI page sometime this month.


Minnie's Closet


Holy mouse ears, Batman! I am so honored to have been chosen especially since I know I will be in the company of some awesome ladies with great designs.  Make sure that you check out OPI’s facebook page as they will be unveiling new designs throughout the month. I previously reviewed the whole Couture de Minnie Collection and here are my swatches for the collection:




Aren’t these adorable? I decided to create something girly and sparkly with a hint of sophistication for my submission to be considered for the Minnie’s Closet gallery, and this is what I came up with:








Let me tell you that picking out each individual glitter from my bottle of Minnie Style was…hard. lol It was time consuming but I couldn’t do a Minnie design without polka dots! I also decided to incorporate a ruffian nail because Minnie is definitely a hip mouse in this collection!

And because I usually do a giveaway of minis for each OPI collection that is released, I picked up a set of Minnie Minis for one lucky reader! (I purchased this myself–it is not sponsored.) As always, this giveaway is open internationally–just enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.

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Thanks so much for stopping by and supporting my little crazy blog. I hope you’re having a great day, and I will talk to you soon!


50 thoughts on “Minnie’s Closet!

  1. I SO LOVE THIS! Your nail work is AMAZING too – if I was lucky I think I would try your look first 🙂

  2. This came out AMAZING! I am totally impressed with your patience and accuracy with those glitter placements. I probably would have had a few freak outs in the process considering how impatient I am. I’m so happy they chose to feature this mani, it would have been a shame if they didn’t. Let us know when it gets posted on their FB, I don’t want to miss it 😀
    Frosso recently posted..Getting My Vamp OnMy Profile

    1. Oh, you know I’ll be jumping up and down acting crazy once they post it. It was kind of a lot of work fishing out the glitter, but I think it paid off in the end because I was satisfied with it in the end even thought I was complaining about it so much. hahaha

    1. Oh man, it was a project but after the first nail it was pretty smooth sailing. Once I had the idea in my head I figured I’d go all the way and not look back. I was so careful thinking I was just going to mess it all up!

  3. Congratulations! Seriously, your design is amazing. I want to see more awesome looks from you 🙂

  4. Whoop whoop!! Congratulations on making it into Minnie’s closet. Your nails that you did for that are way awesome and totally deserve to be in the special showcase based on looks and your effort and dedication!!! Holy moly that must have taken some time. Good job to you, my friend! 🙂

    1. Awww….thanks. 🙂 My design is so simple compared to some of the stuff I’ve been seeing. My design is “the people’s design” because anyone can do it. LOL Sweet Lord you should see some of the other ones that are going to be featured!

    1. 🙂 Thanks, my dear. You know how I struggled trying to figure out what to do. That’s weird about rafflecopter because it normally should remember your details, right?

  5. Congratulations! I can’t wait until it’s up and we can make yours the most-commented-upon manicure! 😉
    Speaking of which, it is AWESOME. I CANNOT BELIEVE you hand-placed all of those glitters, but even beyond that, I think my favorite is the ruffian. I DON’T EVEN LIKE RUFFIANS, but I think this looks phenomenal.
    Are you serious that this is “the people’s design?” There’s no way!

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