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Happy Monday–not! So I hope your Monday was better than my craptacular day back to work after a day off. Last week I was moaning on twitter how I thought my package with my two new Jindie Nails polishes had gone missing–oh the horror!!! The USPS website was  showing my package as delivered, but I hadn’t received anything. I have had quite a few mishaps when it comes to misdelivered and stolen packages so I was sad! The worst instance of this was back in 2000. I had gotten kinda drunk (You know those sad drunk times when you drink alone and cry? No? Just me? Alright!), and I was feeling nostalgic since I had just come home from a year in France. I got online and somehow managed to purchase a round trip ticket from LA to Rome for $375 on priceline.com I didn’t even notice that purchase until I noticed the missing money in my bank account a few days later. Well, I called priceline and explained what had happened (I was depressed and drunk and accidentally bought a plane ticket), but they told me there was nothing they could do since the tickets were non-refundable. Well…it was either throw $375 in the garbage or go on this trip…so what did I do? I went on the damn trip! But before that, my tickets were delivered to someone else. Since those were the good old days of paper tickets only, I was SOL. FedEx was no help and priceline told me there was nothing they could do–again! After tons of calls, FedEx told me that they “might have” delivered it to another Cynthia who lived a few streets over whose street was very similar to mine. WTF? Anyway, I headed over there and sure enough–my tickets were there. Why did those dumbasses take the package and not say anything? Anyway, that trip was kind of a comedy of errors from day one so I should have known better than to actually go on the trip. I got to Rome and stayed for a few days. I then headed to Florence via train and I ended up staying at the dumpiest hostel you could ever imagine where I proceeded to get the flu. It was the middle of Winter so it was colder than a penguin’s butthole. I dragged myself around the city trying to get medicine before taking a train to Paris for another few days. Ughhh…it was a horrible trip because I was so sick but I was still happy to be over there even if I was alone and sick.  Ok, back to the polish: it actually hadn’t been delivered even though the website claimed it was and it arrived the next day. YAAAAAAAYYYYYY! One of the pretties I was anxiously awaiting is the featured polish for today: Jindie Nails Princess Consuela Banana Hammock.










As you probably already know, I have been having a love affair with yellow polish this Spring so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this. Additionally, it pays homage to one of my favorite shows ever: Friends! Didn’t we all love Friends? I think Phoebe was probably my favorite character on the show and the episode where she changes her name to Princess Consuela Banana Hammock and Mike decides to call himself Crap bag in retaliation is classic. This polish was a little sheer but it builds up nicely. I ended up applying three thin coats for the swatches above. I do have to mention that getting the glitter out of the bottle is a real biatch. I added a few drops of thinner and let the bottle sit upside down for a few minutes before I used it which seemed to help a little but the glitter still likes to settle. Also, the larger pieces of glitter can lift a bit from your nails so make sure you apply a generous coat(s) of top coat so everything is nice and smooth.

Here is the classic moment between Phoebe and Mike:



Do you have a favorite Friends moment? Who was you favorite Friend? What do you think of Jindie Nails Princess Consuela Banana Hammock? Let me know what you think! Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.


P.S. Have you ever bought something ridiculous while drunk?


24 thoughts on “Jindie Nails Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

      1. i still say it sometimes.. like when i have to explain something that looks obvioous to me to a person who is all like wtf. when i see the “understanding” of the matter on his/her eyes. i look at the person and say: “unagui” while doing the sign thingie too..
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  1. Crying and drinking yourself silly? No, you’re not alone. I did that when I moved…during the day sometimes, lol. I have not, however, ever bought a round trip ticket to Europe in the process. Although I might if I found a ticket that cheap these days!
    I love the name of this polish! I’m kind of “eh” on yellows though – they just never look quite right on me.
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  2. I almost bought this polish on name (Friends!) and looks alone (Yellow & Pink & Orange & Coral!). However I had a serious talk with myself and I realized it would make me look jaundiced. I was sad. The end.

  3. Ooooooh that’s the drunk I was last night so no you’re not alone. I don’t have cash to buy anything so I was safe in that department at least hahahahaah. Never bought anything while drunk though as I barely drink.
    My fav friends character was Joey because he was funny lol.
    Also I stopped by to look at the polish. It is really pretty!!! Really love it! It’s like a happy pina colada!

  4. I love your Story about the drunken ticket purchase and the fail trip LOL At least you seen something in Europe^^ If you ever buy a ticket to Germany, then come over here 🙂

    Well, I had those depressed days of drinking alone ^^ but fortunately didn’t buy anything!

    As for the polish I like the pairing of yellow base with red glitter, it’s such an unusual combo and really unique. I must admit this is the first Jindie I really like and think it’s worth getting, since the others are always the same – creme with glitter and almost all are white, which for me is kinda boring…
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  5. Ooooh, yeah. I know what you’re talking about with the drunk depression mishaps. I think that’s why I decided to stop drinking and start spending my alcohol money on polish. Well actually I quit because I fell down a flight of stairs, broke my nose & chipped a tooth. Good thing I was smashed or it would’ve hurt and been very embarrassing. I had to get stitches too, totally ridiculous. BUT, OMG!!! Princess Consuela Banana Hammock! I must score that at some point, even though it will most likely look like crap against my pallid complexion. Love it anyway though, and the name means it must be mine 🙂
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  6. OMG!!! I love your stories so much! I have never (knock on wood) bought anything while drunk, but my favorite drunk story involves me waking up in a planter box in the middle of an outdoor mall when the sprinklers came on. Oh those were the college days!
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  7. hahahaha, that’s a great story! i mean, sucks, but i’m glad you seem to have a sense of humor about it 🙂 i LOVE friends! that’s my absolute favorite TV show of all time! i rule at the Scene It game! haha.

    i like when phoebe’s massage client comes in and phoebe says, “this is my husband.” and mike says, “tell her my name.” phoebe say, “this is crap bag.” and then mike says, “if you have trouble remembering, just think of a bag of crap.”

    hahahaha!! LOVE it! i think one of my all time fave episodes is where brad pitt guest starred. it was hilarious to see how much he hated rachel.

    anyway, thanks for posting this polish, it looks super fun and totally a phoebe polish!!
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    Nancy is…
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    1. LOL…drunk and throw up stories aren’t quite as entertaining, are they? I do have one where it starts out like that and I end up basically breaking my face during a work sales convention and I almost get fired…maybe I’ll leave that for another post. haha!

  8. I have seriously never watched Friends!! Actually I’m lying because once in a while I’ll catch a rerun late at night but I hardly pay attention to it. I also don’t watch The Office which I know you love, and I don’t get Big Bang Theory which people seem to love so I guess I’m just a crappy sitcom watcher. In fact the only sitcoms I really like (ie: watch) are Modern Family and The Middle. Anyway- I really like this nail polish but am sorry to hear the formula is a little annoying. You made it look really good though so it’s nice to know it can be done. I found my Neon Lights from Lush Lacquer to have the same problem with the large glitter… it really made me miss my seche vite because that seems to be the cure all. Jessica Brilliance is getting weird on me lately, and also it seems to be less “strong” than Seche so it really allowed the big glitters to pop off after it got a little worn. I am really missing my seche vite that I’m considering doing a little more research and starting to use it again now that I’m almost in my third trimester. I’m going to be 24 weeks as of Friday!! Crazy huh?! I just can’t imagine that a little seche fumes are really worse than housecleaning stuff, acetone, etc. I think things like that are more iffy to use in the beginning of pregnancy when things are really forming, not so much now that the essential parts are in place and just developing further and fattening up. Anyway- longest comment ever- nice nails. 🙂
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    1. Uhm, yes, this is basically an essay. LOL So I can’t believe that you’re almost in your third trimester and we still haven’t had more details about this magical unicorn. I don’t know about all the chemicals in Seche Vite but I’d probably stay away from it just to be 100% sure. It’s just a few more months anyway–wow, are you freaking out yet? LOL I can’t believe that you’ve never watched Friends. I have all 10 seasons and I still watch them from time to time. I already knew that you were not into The Office but I bet you watch really bad reality TV. lol I haven’t really gotten into The Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother. I will catch them from time to time on reruns but that’s pretty much it. As you know, I’m now in my Doctor Who phase.

  9. I really missed the boat on Friends, like, completely. However, my best friend is to the show Friends as I am to the show The Office, so I have some general knowledge through her. For example: the favors at her wedding were these squeezy, stress-ball-type lobsters with her & her husband’s names on them. They came boxed with the story about how lobsters mate for life (they actually don’t, which was also part of the story, hahaha). Also, the “list of 5” is also a mainstay topic of conversation. 😉
    I love the name of the polish (despite my lack of Friends references, I do know this one), but I know I would not be all about the finicky glitter. At least it looks cool and has an awesome name…sometimes that can get ya by. 😉
    I have not bought something ridiculous while drunk, but my friend Jim has. He was on a cruise and walked by a jewelry store on the ship, where he proceeded to buy some crazy, blingtastic watch because it was shiny. He completely forgot about it until the end of the cruise when he found it on his bed, along with the bill. He still has it and rarely wears it due to being ashamed, hahaha. We all know the story, so he may as well just wear his ridiculous watch, right? 😉
    Your story is also pretty epic, although it reminds me of a time in college when *I* bought a ticket to Hawaii on Priceline for spring break one year. I was going through a…phase, said I’d never been anywhere, I’m going, and it also kind of coincided with the fact that a guy I was kinda seeing at work was also going to be there for work at the time. It was not an utter fail, but…it was kind of a mess. Anyway, I missed my flight back and it was a big ol’ situation because of the whole non-refundable Priceline dealio. It all worked out. Ugh, I am kinda nauseous at this memory. I wasn’t even drunk, although I may as well have been. Perhaps I was residually so…there was a lot of drinking during that “phase.” Anyway…your story still wins, despite jogging slightly unpleasant memories, is the point. 😉

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