Stamping Saturdays #29

So this morning I went to see Lucy. I was super excited about watching it because I love Scarlett Johansson and I love Luc Besson (hello The Professional!), but it was kind of a let down. It seemed like it was trying to be a little serious but only came off as being silly. I figured a movie with both Scarlett and Morgan Freeman couldn’t be too bad, but I was wrong. I should have seen Hercules instead because then I could at least stare at The Rock for an hour and a half. Anyway, after the movie I went to my nail places and they literally had NOTHING new which was a big disappointment. I headed to Sephora to buy my favorite concealer (Kat Von D), and then went to Sally’s to buy some acetone. They had a buy 2 get 1 free sale on Finger Paints, and I almost bought some but I refrained. I’m so responsible now! I was working on my Stamping Saturdays mani last night and I had 2 total disasticures. It was so frustrating because everything I did came out looking horrible so I just ended up going with this last mani.

Salon Perfect Plum Sorbet 1Salon Perfect Plum Sorbet 2I really loved the color of Salon Perfect Plum Sorbet (press sample), but it dried so much darker than the bottle color. Even though this is a neon from the Neon Pop! Collection, I did not need to use a white base for this polish. Two coats were enough for full opacity, and it dries to a satiny finish so you need a good top coat if you need a shiny finish. Of course I Seche’d it up.

Mash 40 1Mash 40 2I then used an image from Mash plate Mash 40 and Essie Good As Gold for this swirly design. I ended up applying a matte top coat to finish off the mani. This is totally…MEH. I neither like it nor hate it. I feel like I’ve been off my stamping game lately. I hope that I start feeling inspired again because I feel like a total stamping bore right now.

So what are you up to this weekend? I don’t have much planed yet so I’m sure I’m just going to bum around which is fine by me. Thanks for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

7 thoughts on “Stamping Saturdays #29

  1. This is gorgeous! I love the colors and the pattern. Thank you for posting it even though it’s not one of your favorites. It really caught my eye : )

  2. I was kind of wondering about that movie. I love her, too (although the movies of hers I’ve seen because I love her have kind of sucked recently), and figured this looked like it COULD be cool, but probably wouldn’t be. Boo!
    DOUBLE BOO to your nail places being unexciting! I also just bought acetone at Sally’s last week (well, and cotton rounds and a new base coat because mine suddenly decided to refuse to dry in its old age, but those don’t really count). Will we cave during Polish Destruction III???
    That color actually looks different on your nail and in the bottle within the photo! I like the stamping…I guess it’s just not super-mega-wow. But it’s nice and clean and pretty! 😉

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