Sation Violet Sapphire

I don’t remember when I first purchased Sation Violet Sapphire…I actually don’t remember purchasing it at all!  Does this happen to any other nail polish enthusiast out there? I must have hundreds of polishes that I have never used–even for swatching. Yes, I am hanging my head in shame, but I know that some of you out there understand!

Sation Violet Sapphire Swatch          Sation Violet Sapphire Swatch

Violet Sapphire is such a girlie color. When I first looked at the color in the bottle, I was afraid that it would be super brush stroke-y, but it really isn’t. It’s has a pearlized shimmer that makes it look delicate, but I’m not going to call it the dreaded F-word…FROST!

Sation Violet Sapphire Konad White Polish Stamping MASH 39          Sation Violet Sapphire Konad White Polish Stamping MASH 39

For this final mani, I used Konad Special white polish and a design from image plate MASH 39. I like this fish scale design, but I don’t really like the colors I used. I think that the white looks too harsh against the base color. I am imagining something much more delicate like maybe a pastel with this pattern stamped in silver.

So a couple of my girlfriends and I are trying to motivate each other to work out (hopefully we can start going to the gym together) and eat better. So what did I do today? I didn’t eat anything all day and then I went out and got this:


I don’t know how big and widespread the Chipotle chain is, but that is where I got this massive burrito. It is full of cilantro rice, pinto beans, grilled steak, cheese, sour cream and salsa.  If you’re wondering if I ate the whole thing….well, a girl with a gullet the size of the grand canyon would never eat and tell. haha!

Are you excited about the weekend? Do you have any plans? I don’t have much going on except maybe doing some more polish organizing since I acquired over 100 bottles in the last month or so. I know…it’s a sickness. All I have to say in my defense is that I got a bunch of them for free and some as gifts. Speaking of gifts, once my nails grow out a bit, I’m going to start featuring the lovely polishes I received for my birthday.

Thanks for stopping by to visit my little pyscho corner of polish addiction…and massive burritos. Talk to you soon!

6 thoughts on “Sation Violet Sapphire

  1. I actually like how the white pops out a lot, it may not look like fish scales, but it still looks nice.
    Mmmm chipotle…I used to be able to eat a whole burrito, I’d get the veggie version of it though. Even with just veggies it’d be super massive because of all the extras stuffed in there. I haven’t eaten it in about 6 years because of a scaring incident. I used to get really sick when my girly time of the month came…like bed ridden, vomiting…death. Soooo…I just so happened to get it right after I ate my giant burrito and well…vomiting up a 5 lb burrito isn’t something you can get over quickly. 😛

  2. Love the color, want it, will be buying it when I can collect enough Sation lemmings from your site to justify a purchase. 😉
    I like the stamp in and of itself, but not necessarily with this mani. I agree that it would look great in silver over a pastel. Maybe a dark, shimmery blue, too?
    I am starting to work out again too…oy. I bought a treadmill off of Craigslist and it turned out to be a POS, so I gave up and joined again. I actually kind of like the gym I joined, more so than any of the ones I’ve belonged to in the past. So far I’ve only been going once a week, on the weekend, and I keep saying I need to step that up, but I haven’t managed to yet. I’m trying to get into it slowly again so that I don’t burn out…I’m kind of all or nothing in general, but at least I am doing something!
    However, that in no way means I wouldn’t eat a giant burrito! Now I am considering Chipotle for lunch! Although, maybe not…then I’ll be in a burrito coma all afternoon and I’m already pretty tired!
    My weekend was…kinda meh and weird. I had a list of things to do and on Saturday just kept avoiding doing them. So I ended up doing nothing and I didn’t even enjoy myself…it wasn’t relaxing or restful, there was nothing on tv, it was just like, well, great, now I gotta do it all tomorrow. So yesterday I had a marathon day. Backstory: when I moved back into the house, I moved into my mom’s room. So I have to basically empty it of my parents’ stuff, then clean it, then move in my stuff. I did this for the remaining part of the room yesterday. It’s so hard because you find all this stuff and get all emotional…yesterday was a program from my mom’s high school graduation; Halloween costumes she made us as kids; my sash from confirmation at church; prom stuff; and tons of photos. I couldn’t even look at them…I look back at myself as a little girl, when things were “normal,” and it’s so sad to think of what’s occured since then. I don’t even feel like that girl anymore. Then, after that is all put aside, I had to clean through literally probably three+ years of dust, etc., since my mom was sick and wasn’t cleaning. Plus it was hot and I was going up and down the stairs a lot, moving furniture by myself…it was just an over-extertion mentally and physically. Then I forced myself to go to the gym, which was dumb, then walked Leeloo, did three loads of laundry and took a shower, which means I didn’t get to bed until like 2:00. On the plus side, I only have to clean out one more closet (which I am going to try to do this week) and then the room is entirely mine, which is the only place in the house I can say that about. Plus I am also starting to move in more things from my apt. that are more personal, so that feels good. Also a positive: since I got it all done, I can do my nails tonight for the 1st time in 3 weeks!!! Also a positive: once I clean out that closet, my nail polish is going to go in there, so I can finally re-organize it! I’ll have to tell you how many I have now!
    I am excited to see your b-day polishes up in here-ah!

  3. I didn’t do much this weekend except we got the massive over 1000 lb beast of a hot tub to our house and in place. Then Sunday I went shopping with my mom and my dad surprised me with a bb gun. Needless to say I’ve been killing diet pepsi cans ever since. I just love shooting. Does that make me some kind of psycho? I don’t even want to shoot any animals but I love shooting targets or any sort. I like shooting the .22, really want a compound bow or even a regular ol’ bow and arrow bow and I love my new co2 bb gun. The old bb gun I had was super weak and you had to account for all this drop, plus to cock it (I know I’m asking for it here, I just don’t know what else to call it) was really hard so I never used it. This one is great. Just pop in a co2 cartridge, load the mag, throw a pop can out in the yard and you’re good to go! 😉
    PS: I like this polish and the stamp. Goodbye now.
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  4. wow that burrito looks and sounds really good and it just gave me a really good idea! I definitely need to try a Mexican stromboli 🙂

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