Prism Polisk UK This Is Halloween Collection

I have a huge confession: I have never watched A Nightmare Before Christmas. I know, I know! I don’t really have an excuse and I have always meant to watch it, but I always end up putting it off. I think that during the short Thanksgiving break, I will make a point to watch it because it seems to be so loved by so many people. Well, today I have a nail polish collection that uses A Nightmare Before Christmas as its inspiration. The Prism Polish UK This Is Halloween Collection is made up of 5 shades that I have swatched for you below. Let’s check them all out.

Prism Polisk UK This Is Halloween

Prism Polish UK Fog Juice (Glow In The Dark)

Fog juice is inspired by the potion Sally’s pours into the fountain to ground Jack Skellington, but her plan is thwarted by Zero’s glowing nose! Filled with sparkly shimmer, this glow in the dark topper is a fun way to create a spooky Halloween look.


Prism Polisk UK This Is HalloweenPrism Polisk UK This Is Halloween

Prism Polish UK Nice Work Bone Daddy

Nice work, bone daddy is inspired by Jack’s feeling of weariness following another successful Halloween. With a dark mushroom taupe base Nice work, bone daddy is filled with green/purple/pink shifting shimmer, giving it a ghostly, ethereal glow. This one screams Halloween to me!


Prism Polisk UK This Is Halloween

Prism Polish UK Shadow On The Moon

Inspired by Oogie Boogie, Shadow on the moon is a bright neon green filled with pink/gold/green shifting sparkly shimmer. You can layer this one over a white creme such as Opacity to make it really pop!


Prism Polisk UK This Is Halloween

Prism Polisk UK This Is Halloween

Prism Polish UK Most Horrible Halloween

Inspired by Jack’s proclamation that it was Halloween town’s ‘most horrible Halloween yet’, this deep burgundy jelly polish is filled with scattered holo and red/gold/green colour shifting flakies.


Prism Polisk UK This Is Halloween

Prism Polish UK Simply Meant To Be

Jack and Sally inspire this multichrome sparkle extravaganza! With a purple/blue/pink shifting base, Simply meant to be is filled with bright pink/gold shifting magnetic pigment and a scattering of holo sparkles. Just as beautiful unmagnetised, this polish will distract you with its colour shifts and sparkles!

Prism Polish UK really excels at creating amazing magnetic polishes!  I wish I had the technical capabilities to show you Fog Juice when it glows in the dark, but my limited photography skills failed me!  I also wanted to mention that the awesome neon yellow shade, Shadow On The Moon, made my camera freak out and gave me skin a weird cast. Neons definitely make me look even more tan, but I have come to realize that my little camera has problems capturing certain shades. This is a really fun collection that I think you will like.

The Prism Polish UK This Is Halloween Collection is available now at where each shade will retail for $14.50 each. What do you think about this collection? Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.

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