KBShimmer Hidden Agenda – PPU & IPU October 2019

Oooof! I know I have been away forever but I have excuses! First of all, I’ve been super busy at work and that left me completely exhausted to the point that I had no time for anything else. Second, I turned 40…and well, that was just a non-event. Lastly, I’ve just been kinda sad and feeling dumpy so I just haven’t felt like doing much. I actually did a bunch of swatching but didn’t even have the will to write up posts and edit photos until now. I am starting to feel a little more motivated to get stuff done so I hope to have a bunch of reviews up soon. Today I have KBShimmer Hidden Agenda and an interesting sugar scrub to share with you so lets get on with it!



KBShimmer Hidden Agenda

KBShimmer Hidden Agenda

KBShimmer Hidden Agenda

KBShimmer Hidden Agenda is such an interesting shade! I love the delicate shimmer in this shade and really like both shades. This thermal goes from a delicate pink (warm) to a cornflower blue (cold). Due to the fact that I swatched this in my non-air conditioned apartment in the Summer, it was virtually impossible to try to get the shade in its cold state on my whole nail. I had to resort to using ice water for the tips to show you the pretty blue. Because the warm pink shade is so light, it did require 3 coats to get it completely opaque.

Now, as far as the Pumpkin Patch sugar scrub, I will admit that when I saw the name of the scent I told myself I wouldn’t like it because I hate pumpkin spice. I know the name doesn’t say pumpkin spice, but I just figured! Color me surprised because I did enjoy this scent. It’s not overpowering and, as you know, KBShimmer has my absolute favorite sugar scrub formula.

If you are interested in any of these two products, they will be available Friday 10/4/19 through 10/7/19 and will retail for $10 each with no cap.

If you’ve never heard about Polish Pickup, let me give you some information:

Polish Pickup is a monthly shop that allows you to purchase from a variety of makers for a flat $3 shipping rate. The theme/inspiration is chosen a month in advance and makers will give previews of their creations in the Polish Pickup Pack Facebook group, so don’t forget to join. The shop is open every first Friday-Monday of the month and then the site is closed while orders are filled/shipped. Be aware that shipping can take about 3 weeks so be patient.

So what do you think about this polish? Will it be going on your list? Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.

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KBShimmer Hidden Agenda KBShimmer Hidden Agenda KBShimmer Hidden Agenda

4 thoughts on “KBShimmer Hidden Agenda – PPU & IPU October 2019

  1. This time of year is hard! I recently went through the same thing and couldn’t even get it up to post on Instagram because I was just exhausted, tired, depressed. I’m glad you’re feeling more yourself though!

  2. This is so pretty! I’m not into thermals because I have a weird disorder with my hands, so the transition is never like yours…it looks more like camo, lol. I don’t usually like both colors in thermals, but I love both. I perused the pickup this month, even though I don’t have $ for it, so it was pretty dumb of me, lol, but that sugar scrub sounded really nice. I love bakery scents, so pumpkin is definitely a love of mine! Great post!

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