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If you’ve taken a peek at my facebook or twitter page, you probably know that I’ve had a mini meltdown about all the issues I have encountered while trying to move my blog to a different host. My blog is going to look messed up for a couple of days while I figure out how to work around all the hurdles that keep popping up every time I think I have things figured out.  I will leave that drama for another post because I just need to get my mind off it all and upload a post I was working on earlier today.

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Before all the blog drama happened today, I decided to use my other Julep polish:


This is two coats of Sasha. This color is seriously vibrant, and I’m still on the fence about how I like it on me. Regardless of what I think of the actual color, I am happy to report that the formula was absolutely perfect: creamy, buttery and very pigmented. What else can you ask for when it comes to a creme polish?

Since I’ve been trying to experiment more,  I busted out some other colors and my handy dotting tool to see if I could come up with something interesting.


You be the judge: cute or disasticure as Nicole calls them?

So what do you think of Sasha and my feeble attempt at nail art? Don’t be too hard on me. I can stamp and that’s about it. haha! I am super excited because it looks like I might get my newest set of plates sometime this week. Considering the drama I’ve been dealing with, that would make me super happy!

I’m going to say it again: enter my giveaway because who doesn’t love free stuff?! Oh, and Nicole from Polish Me Please! is also giving away a Julep box. Hello! Two chances to win a box if you enter both. You can enter her giveaway by clicking here.

I’m sure you’re sick of giveaways, right? (Sure you are!) Well, get ready because I have some giveaways lined up this month since it’s my birthday later in the month. I don’t usually like to celebrate my birthday, but I do like excuses to host giveaways! Stay tuned because one goes live later today. 😉


****This item was sent for review. This in no way influences my review and opinion of the product.****

19 thoughts on “Julep Sasha

  1. I'm glad you KINDA got your blog up and running after the mess earlier tonight. Also- that is so funny that you just posted a dotty manicure tonight too. I just literally posted my latest nails like 2 minutes ago and it's my first legit dotticure. I just got a dotting tool and have been pretty excited to use it. 🙂 I really like this color- I think it looks good on you! I did some orange nails that I'm saving for the 31 day challenge and in all the pictures it totally gave me lobster hands!! What the heck is up with that?! Anyway- I, personally, love this color, and I think your tips and dots are cute too, although for whatever reason I think I like it plain better. That being said, this is definitely NOT a disasticure, but what really makes a disasticure a disasticure is how it made you feel while doing it so I guess the final determination is up to you 😉

    1. We are such dorks. We post similar manis and then we post similar comments. What is the world coming to!? haha

      This color reminded me of Essie Tart Deco and another melon-y color I got from them that I initially didn’t like. I’ve been liking a lot of things lately that I used to hate (*cough* glitter) so maybe I am confused about this color. I kept trying to photograph it in direct sunlight and it just looked crazy bright and crazy so I had to use my light box.

      I’m not crazy about the design, but I kinda like the contrast and two people said they looked nice–and they were guys, no less! Maybe this time I can flash my nails at the UPS guy and not something else.

  2. I'm so glad your posts are back up. Fingers crossed that all the kinks get worked out soon! I like this color. It's not too orange and looks a little corally to me. I also love the name – my faithful, little Boston is named Sasha…she has some brindle so I guess I could make this polish work for her. These Julep cremes look sooo good!!!

    1. Thank you!!! You have no idea how relieved I am that things kind of fell into place. I was only up until like 6 am fiddling with it. lol Awww…little Sasha. I love to see pictures of her on FB. How does she do with Stella?

      I love creme polishes too so I'm usually swayed by them no matter what I initially think of the color.

  3. Yay! its back up ! I properly linked to your blog ni my post now! love this color and dotticure its fabulous! I love that color!! Also: seeing as it;s your birthday this month as the founder and captain of our club, you better get it up and running so you can be the first to receive some goodies 😀

    1. I had just about 5 mini heart attacks dealing with this. I still have stuff that needs to be fixed but I think that can wait until later. I am finally getting tired and it's almost 6 am here. hahaha! I have totally been spacing out about the nail polish group! Omg…I am terrible. You would think that since it is my birthday this month that I'd be all over it, but that just goes to show you how scatterbrained I have been lately.

      Since everyone is having positive comments about Sasha, I'm starting to like it more. I'm weak and so easily influenced when it comes to nail polish. hehehe

  4. ohh i like the new aspect of your blog..

    i think i'm going to subscribe to julep maven next year.! i've heard so many good things about this brand..

    i also ordered my dotting tools last week soo.. i'll be posting something next week.. i don't know why, but i'm not very good with the manicure tools at the beginning so i predict disasticure.

    yours looks fine, i love the color..!

    1. Thank you! I am still trying to get used to it…especially how hard it is to keep track of comments. So many of them seem to slip through the cracks now that I don’t have an alert right on the top of my blog. 🙁 It only tells me if I have a new comment if the person is new and it’s their first comment. Ugh!

      I think that they are pretty good quality polishes and are a good deal if you subscribe. Paying $14 for one polish at full price is too much in my opinion. I always mess up nail art but I actually did not mess up my first doticure–it’s so easy to use those dotting tools.

  5. The plus side: I like how you're blog is coming along! It looks very organized, like the comments and the photos. It's a little easier to navigate overall, as well. In my opinion, haha!

    I like it with the art! It is NOT a disasticure! A disasticure was my Fashionista Lisa last week…it was late, I was grouchy, it was streaky, etc., etc. A disasticure is when what you wanted to happen does not happen and you get increasingly despondent & frustrated!

    Yes, birthday polish group! I'll get on board with the FB thing since that seems to be easiest for everyone…just tell me what to do!

    1. I really liked all the thumbnail photos that my old theme would put on the front page, but I do think it was a little busy. I wasn't that happy with the colors either but I didn't really have any options. I think this one looks a little old lady with the quilt thing on top, no? I do like the color scheme and the fonts so maybe I will stick with it. I still have a few things to get fixed but someone is going to have to help me because I am not going to go through this again!

      I have so many disasticures that never make it to my blog. I should probably keep them and then make a post with all the horrible evidence. Oh yes…bday polish group. Have to get on that because before I know it, it will be December. lol

  6. I actually like this combination a lot. I think you can do a lot with a little, if you're clever. Which, apparently, you are. ^^

  7. It is not easy to change the look of a blog, so I'm glad you're back and I think it looks great! I also think I HAVE to try your sandwich tomorrow!! I had tuna today (with pickle relish) but I might have to have it again tomorrow! YUM 🙂 Thank you so much for the giveaway and Happy Birthday month!! 🙂

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