JReine Hold My Earrings

Day four of the great sickout and I’m still not improving. It’s not like you need a play by play of the progress of my cough and cold, but I need all the positive vibes I can get! I guess that I should probably make it over to the doctor, but I feel like I always end up wasting $15 (my copay) and they don’t recommend anything useful. I’m surprised that I’ve been able to power through work but I feel like I’m losing steam. For today’s post I have yet another beautiful polish with OGUP. Let me show you swatches of JReine Hold My Earrings below.



JReine Hold My Earrings

JReine Hold My Earrings

JReine Hold My Earrings

JReine Hold My Earrings

Although this is described as a berry jelly, I find that it leans slightly more towards red when you build it up. It is fairly sheer so you will need 2-3 coats depending on your application. I love how the unicorn pee pigment shines and sparkles through the jelly base. I’m totally in love with this polish!

I purchased my bottle from Jreine for $15 a few weeks ago. This polish is part of a set of exclusive OGUP polishes that Jill created for those in her fan group. If you want to purchase this polish, you will need a password that is available to members of the group. If you’re not yet a part of the brand’s fan group, I would recommend that you join the JReine Junkies Facebook Group for all the latest news. Not only will you get exclusive information on upcoming releases, but there are a lot of polishes that will be released exclusively through the group.

So what do you think about this polish? I love wearing bright colors like this all the time! Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

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JReine Hold My Earrings JReine Hold My Earrings JReine Hold My Earrings

4 thoughts on “JReine Hold My Earrings

  1. I’m so glad in the UK we have the NHS, people moan about it but it’s a great service! This is one utterly stunning colour ♡

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