Essie Madison Ave-Hue Collection Spring 2013

The new Essie collection for Spring 2013 has landed! I was pretty excited when I found these at one of my nail places so I grabbed them all. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been excited about any Essie collection for eons. In fact, I think that the last collection I really loved from them was the Bikini So Teeny collection. Let’s take a look at the Essie Madison Ave-Hue Collection, shall we?

Essie Madison Ave-Hue

Essie Madison Ave-Hue

Madison Ave-Hue is like a Pepto Bismol explosion on my nails. This polish was a little difficult to deal with because it felt kind of runny but also goopy. I know that sounds weird, but that’s what it felt like. I ended up really liking this color because it has this very pretty shimmer that isn’t very visible in my pictures but you can definitely see it in real life.

Essie Maximillian Strasse Her

Essie Maximillian Strasse Her

I was really excited about Maximillian Strasse Her but the formula was super runny. I don’t know if maybe I needed to shake it up a bit more to mix the polish, but it was way too thin for my liking. I had to apply 4 super thin coats to avoid flooding my cuticles as well. It’s too bad because I really like this type of color.

Essie Avenue Maintain

Essie Avenue Maintain

Avenue Maintain is definitely the winner of this collection. This polish is so incredibly gorgeous and pigmented that you can get away with one coat if you’re careful.  This is one of those colors that just screams for attention, and I can see myself wearing this all summer long.

Essie Hip-Anema

Essie Hip-Anema

I wasn’t very excited about Hip-Anema when I first saw it. It’s a very nice fiery red-orange crelly, and I always appreciate a great formula which this one has. I love how glossy and shiny this polish is!

Essie Bond With Whomever

Essie Bond With Whomever

Are you getting tired of these bright lilac polishes such as Bond With Whomever? I do continue to appreciate these colors but I don’t think I want to have a million of them. The formula on this was decent, and I got complete coverage at 3 coats.

Essie Go Ginza

Essie Go Ginza

I am conflicted about Go Ginza. I really want to love it, but I think I would have wanted it to be a little less pink/purple. The formula on this was also a bit difficult and it applied a little streaky which you can probably see in these swatches. I also don’t like that Go Ginza and Bond With Whomever are so close in hue. They obviously are not dupes, but did we really need them both in the same collection?

So what do I think about this collection overall? Well, I really do love Avenue Maintain and that’s about it. hahaha I actually do think this is a very pretty collection but it’s so ho-hum that it feels uninspired. Don’t we all have dupes of these colors even from Essie itself? Eeehh….most of these are going on my blog sale. I’m really interested to hear what you think about this collection. Do you have a favorite color here? Let me know!

Thanks for the visit today, and I hope to see you around here again soon.

37 thoughts on “Essie Madison Ave-Hue Collection Spring 2013

  1. First off the name Madison Ave-Hue irritates me cuz it seems like it should be Aven-Hue…. Right?? That bothered me when I saw them yesterday at rite aid. Also Hip-Anema makes me think Hip Enema… and that just doesn’t sound too hip. That being said- the blue is really pretty and I wonder how it compares to Butler Please. It looks a little lighter but I’m not totally sure. These colors are pretty snoozy to me but the blue is at least worth looking at. 🙂
    Nicole recently posted..Fun. NailsMy Profile

  2. I did like the Maximillian Strasse-her, but now seeing it on your nails, I’m not sure about it. I wasn’t liking Avenue Maintain before, but now I am after seeing it on your nails! lol

    Thanks for swatching them!

  3. I love the color of Madison Ave-hue, especially with the shimmer. I may even risk the formula issue that you mentioned. I think Avenue Maintain is a no-brainer (now I have Insane in the Membrane in my head).
    The rest look nice, but I agree that I feel like I have similar colors and also agree that the two purples should be more different from one another to be in the same collection.

    1. Too bad this collections wasn’t more interesting. Or maybe we just have so much nail polish that nothing really excites us that much. Oh no!

  4. Isn’t it kind of odd how Essie polishes differ widely in the quality? I have one I can’t even really wear because it is so streaky (a Breast Cancer Awareness one) but some are so gorgeous and go on great.

    1. Yes! I wonder about that too. The lighter polishes definitely have a trickier formula but these darker, more pigmented colors tend to go on flawlessly.

  5. they are all really pretty! i like them a lot. i need to stop looking at all these blogs featuring pretty colors, one of these days im going to spend a whole paycheck on polishes alone!
    Emma M recently posted..Day 5- BlueMy Profile

  6. I love me some Essie, but I’m kind of disappointed with this collection. I feel like these are all just shades of other better colors she’s done before. I might have to see a comparison of Avenue Maintain to Butler Please though… that blue is gorgeous but I don’t know if its different enough.

    1. I always feel a little sad when a collection disappoints this way. I think that for people who are really into nail polish, we demand a little more than others who just casually paint their nails and don’t analyze every color and every collection. 🙂 I’ll get around to swatching those two blues because I want to see how similar they are too.

  7. I couldn’t resist they were all so pretty, so everything but hip-anemia came home with me. It looks so bright and over the top for spring with all the other pastels in the display, but your swatch makes me want to go and get it. It looks great on you.

    1. Thank you! I also find them hard to resist even when I think I have something similar already…why must we obsesses over these collections so much?

    1. You know, I thought I could get past such a watery formula, but not here. I wonder if I got a dud bottle. But yeah, it is a nice color.

      1. I think you may have gotten a dud. I just finished putting it on and found the formula excellent – an easy two coats with no flooding at all. If I had been more patient, I think I could have gotten even coverage in one coat, it was that buttery.

    1. I think I just have way too much polish so I don’t get as excited by the usual colors anymore but I can see other people liking them a lot.

  8. Hey Cynthia, do you happen to remember how many coats of Madison Ave-Hue did you use? I really like it, but worry about the tricky application. Thanks!

    1. Since I felt it was a little goopy, I tried to apply super thin coats so I applied 3 thin coats. It is a pretty polish and maybe a drop or two of thinner could really help it. 🙂 Hope that helps!

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