Color Club Fiesta Collection For Spring 2013

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am always happy when Wednesday rolls around because it’s my day off during the week, and I get to sleep in. Why does sleeping in feel so delicious? I was planning on getting up somewhat early to get some stuff done, and of course I ended up waking up at 9:00.  There go my plans of rising early, but it was worth it. I felt like angels woke me up this morning. For today’s post, I am busting out my 4 picks from the Color Club Fiesta Collection for Spring 2013. Here we go!

I always loved watching Speedy Gonzales cartoons when I was a kid and I kept thinking about them when I was swatching the Fiesta collection. I’m weird, right?

Color Club Flamingo

Color Club Flamingo

When I saw this barbie doll/bubblegum pink, I wanted to try it out immediately. Flamingo is such a bright and fun color and I absolutely loved how much tanner it made my hands look. The formula on this one was a little streaky in the beginning but it was fine after the second coat.

Color Club Mamba

Color Club Mamba

I’ve been loving all the great one coat reds that have been coming out and Mamba is no exception.  If you’re looking for a gorgeous and creamy red that will look perfect after one coat, you should pick this baby up. The formula is extremely pigmented, smooth and just glossy. You won’t regret this purchase if you love red polishes.

Color Club Endless Summer

Color Club Endless Summer

Growing up in Orange County, CA–just 10 minutes from the beach–the first thing I thought of when I saw Endless Summer, is the surfing movie. I’m not a surfer or anything like that (stop laughing), but I really love that movie. Anyway, this is another gorgeous, bright blue. It is important to note that this polish dries to a satin finish, but I went ahead and applied a shiny top coat. I seem to have one of these colors from every brand now–it’s still one of my favorite hues to wear year-round.

Color Club Wild Cactus

Color Club Wild Cactus

I’ve got to be hones: Wild Cactus is the color I was most excited about–especially after seeing it on Frosso’s blog. This color is right on trend since the Pantone Color Of The Year is Emerald. This polish is super duper pigmented so I was very careful not to get any on my skin–especially since Frosso had warned me that it stained her skin. I am happy to report that I didn’t get ANY staining on my skin nor on my nails. YAY!

So there you have it, my fellow lacquerheads. Let me know what you think of these colors. Will you be getting any of these? I also picked up a couple of new Halo Hues so I’ll be swatching those soon. In case you’re interested, I’ve added some of these polishes to my blog sale so check it out! Thanks for stopping by today, and I’ll talk to you soon!

20 thoughts on “Color Club Fiesta Collection For Spring 2013

  1. Oh, man…9:00 vs. 3:30? That sounds like freaking heaven. Good for you!
    Flamingo on you = perfection!!! I also really like these types of bright reds on you.
    Since you like surfing movies so much, is the stellar Blue Crush also in your repetoire? 😉
    Ooohhh, Halo Hues. My enthusiasm for them kind of died after all the delays, but now that I’ve been seeing some swatches, I’m kind of thinking I may have made a grievous error by losing faith, hahaha.

    1. Don’t make fun of me but I love Blue Crush–that was when Kate Bosworth was still very likeable. It’s a total cheesefest, but I love watching it and I would still watch it if it’s on TV or something. I was totally feeling the same way about the delays with the Halo Hues, but these are pretty damn awesome. I think you need to reconsider. 😛

  2. Thinking of you as a surfer kills me cuz you don’t even like the heat!! That being said, that blue is REALLY pretty and I love that cactus one that Frosso first showed. I’m getting tired of everyone talking about the Pantone color of the year tho- what IS Pantone!? And why do they decide? What was last years color? Was it really that popular?? These are the questions I have. I’m sure some googling could answer them for me. Maybe I’ll do that. Maybe not tho! :p Pretty polishes tho!! Thanks for sharing!
    Nicole recently posted..Easy Striper Nail Art ManiMy Profile

    1. Dude, Pantone is a big deal. They pretty much set the trends and the color palettes. Now that I pseudo work in an industry that is very dependent on color, I totally see how that works. And, uhm…remember how obsessed we were with orange polish last year? Guess what the color of the year was? TANGERINE TANGO. LOL So yes, it matters–even if you’re not aware of it, they infiltrate your polish colored life.

      This collection is cute…the pink and the emerald are my faves. This collection also had a yellow and a silvery one that passed on. I should have gotten the yellow!

  3. I am loving the pink and the green polishes the most. That pink one is just so gorgeous. It is an in your face not shy about it pink.

    1. Now that I think about it, they do seem to have some really awesome pinks. My friend was wearing a super hot pink one time and I was dying to know what color it was but she had no idea. It turned out that it was a CC pink!

    1. I don’t think they’re similar at all. I think Exotic Encounters is a lot more smokey. I will compare them for you this weekend and will post it on my FB page. 😉

  4. thanks for the swatches, was wondering if anyone was ever going to review them lol…loving the blue shades like this, any idea how it compares to the baker street or butler please blues? or the bright night blue from the kaleidescope collection, i cant find any swatches for that collection at all!

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