China Glaze Laser Lime

My love for nail polish is making me a little crazy. A couple of times a week I spend an hour on eBay searching for old and discontinued polishes because I am convinced that I will stumble upon some gems. I know I’m a little delusional in thinking that maybe I’ll get Clarins 230 or Essie Starry Starry Night at a reasonable price, but that doesn’t stop me from searching for that unicorn. What actually ends up happening is that I find interesting discontinued polishes at very reasonable prices so I end up getting one…or two…or a few. The most recent polish that I picked up on eBay is China Glaze Laser Lime from the discontinued Tronica Collection. Let me show you this pretty.

123Why is it that polish companies discontinue awesome collections? I know that a lot of people were disappointed with the Tronica Collection because it wasn’t like the OMG Collection, but they are beautiful on their own. I really love green polishes so China Glaze Laser Lime is another great one to add to my stash. The formula on this polish is very thin and I experienced drag on my second coat. I made sure to leave extra time between coats to avoid creating any bald spots. What you see above is three coats. Pretty, eh?

So what do you think of this polish? Do you have any others from this collection? Do you buy polish on eBay or do you think it’s too risky? Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

16 thoughts on “China Glaze Laser Lime

  1. What a good green!!! I couldn’t get any part of the Kaleidoscope or Tronica collections without needing the entire collection, so I don’t have this one. Plus I went crazy for the OMGs.
    But I don’t think it’s delusional to accept the possibility (however rare it may be) of finding a gem like those! I got NOPI Season’s Grey-tings (HOLO) in a lot order and the seller had no idea!

  2. You know you have a problem when you have specific searches saved and check them once a night. …I may do this. Ok, I do. This is a beautiful color though! I love the holo in this. I might need to add it to my lengthy wishlist.
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    1. LOL I’ve been really loving the Tronica and Kaleidoscope swatches I have seen. The best thing is that a lot of them are reasonably priced on ebay so at least I can start collecting them slowly.

  3. I was in LOVE with the Tronica collection when it came out, it was my first actual full-ish (i’m missing one) polish that I purchased. I was always talked down too about this collection because everyone thought it sucked. I still stand by my love of these polishes though! I’m so in love of your swatch of this! Gorgeous and top notch!

    1. Ugh, lucky you! I wish I had gotten all of these when they came out but I just wasn’t into polish much back then. Maybe eventually I’ll pick these up one by one.

  4. Don’t give up! I found Clarins 230 in a bulk lot for $8 not too long ago. I couldn’t believe it! It was just described as a burgundy shimmer with no mention of the name. Hope you find your unicorn!

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