Cacee BFF Nail Lacquer Sky

It’s Friday which means that I have made it through my first week at my new job! Woot! I am still in training and it really is tons of information to process, but things are starting to fall into place so I’m not feeling so overwhelmed anymore. I still haven’t worn nail polish to work yet, but I’ll probably start wearing it next week. After work today, I headed over to my nail polish places to see if they had anything new…and they didn’t. I hate it when I go in hoping that they have some new collection early so I can get the scoop but end up with nothing. Well, you know what nothing means to me: 5 polishes, some Seche Restore and a new brush for clean-up. One of the polishes I picked up is what I decided to try out tonight: Cacee BFF Nail Lacquer Sky.

Cacee BFF Nail Lacquer Sky

Sky seems like a run of the mill vibrant blue but beejus the formula is great! This beauty is so incredibly pigmented, and I was very sorry when I got it on my cuticles because it was a biatch to remove.


For this design, I used Sation Strumming My Nails to paint the tip of my nails white and for the white dotting. I’ve mentioned Strumming My Nails before and I can’t believe that I haven’t done a proper mani with it to show you just how amazing this polish is. It’s not a pure white–it has some grey tones which I looooooove. Even better, this polish is almost a one-coater! These nails are a direct copy of the mani that Siobhan has on her blog’s banner. Every time I would see that picture, I immediately wanted to copy it and I finally did!

I’m not that talk-y tonight. I should have posted this hours ago, but I got sucked into watching puppy videos on youtube for hours. I’m not kidding…HOURS. It was sooooooo worth it! Thanks for stopping by today. I have a new Spring collection to share with you this weekend so don’t forget to check in. Talk to you later!


Disclosure: Sation Strumming My Nails was provided to me by the manufacturer or their PR firm.  All other products featured in this post were purchased by me.  For more information, please see my disclosure policy tab here.


12 thoughts on “Cacee BFF Nail Lacquer Sky

  1. haha the name of this polish is so ironic! my boyfriend just got the part of Sky in guys and dolls! haha then i checked my email and saw you posted this polish! lol! i love this and the design you did with it! so cute:)

  2. Aaaaaaaah Cynth!
    I LOVE IT! And I feel so honoured you thought my design was cool enough to recreate 😀

    I’m sorry I haven’t been on your blog much! I miss it so much! I was busy writing a nail article for this local site and with krap at home that I’ve missed so much! Have all your emails in my inbox, so I know where last I stopped reading!!
    Was meant to stop in this morning but then got to making my nail albums public on fb and adding blog links to the comments on the photos so whoever subscribes to me can see that stuff now. Like a page from my profile basically. Ja anyway that took forever and then passed out on my phone so, but there’s still lots of time this weekend, you’ll see me again!!

  3. I think there was something else I wanted to tell you but now forgot!
    OH JA! I’m glad work is going well so far! Always so nerve wrecking in the beginning but then you get into it and it all really does fall into place!

  4. It must be the weather & all the rain (showers) that SoCal is getting because I too AM stuck on the animal planet today watching PET-TY crimes, adorbs! All of the bad pets out there causing havoc on their owners is quite funny.

    I think the weather encourages snuggling & cuddling with all sorts; fur, leg warmers (new orange colored ones) fleece pajamas, etc. TMI…….. Enjoy your weekend off from work

  5. I LOVE Siobhan’s nails in her banner and I too always see it and want to copy them but never do! These look just awesome! I love them. I’m glad you made it through your first week at the new job. It’ll all get better from here. 🙂
    Nicole recently posted..Liquid Sand Top Coat FunMy Profile

  6. I love this mani! I always admire it when I see it on Siobhan’s blog. I don’t blame you on losing your focus for hours watching puppy videos. I do that quite often. When my bf got me an ipad mini this Christmas I spent hours watching videos, I’m pretty sure I’ve watched every Frenchie YouTube video that exists (I’m obsessed with them and my greatest goal in life is to own one) . Now I’ve moved on to watching Gossmakeupartist. He’s no frenchie, but I’m loving him.
    Frosso recently posted..KB Shimmer Spring 2013 Release!My Profile

  7. I still don’t have a run-of-the-mill vibrant blue *pouts*. Nails Inc. Baker Street is the first thing on my wish list.
    A nearly one-coat sort-of white? Yes, please!
    Nice job re-creating Siobhan’s banner nails!

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