Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Matte Metallic Collection

Hey! Thanks for joining me on this bright Tuesday morning…if you’re reading this the morning that I posted it, that is. I’ve been having a really interesting time lately using the Marie Kondo method to get rid of clutter in my apartment and also in my personal relationships. Sometimes you have to cut ties with people who don’t contribute any kind of positivity in your life and just serve to bring stress. It’s hard at first, but then you realize just how much they were dragging you down. I did another huge purge of polish just as I received a bunch of new polishes to review but I’m still winning! Today I’m going to show you a selection from the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Matte Metallic Collection which I really enjoyed! Let me show you some swatches below.



Insta-Dri Matte Metallic

Smokey Silver


Insta-Dri Matte Metallic

Smoldering Teal


Insta-Dri Matte Metallic

Gold Rush


Insta-Dri Matte Metallic

Rose Flush


Insta-Dri Matte Metallic

Molten Mauve


Insta-Dri Matte Metallic

Burnished Wine

And then I decided to top coat Molten Mauve…

Isn’t this absolutely stunning with a shiny top coat? In fact, all of these polishes look amazing with a shiny top coat because they really sparkle.

I also got the opportunity to try two new products which include the No More Stains Spray-On Base Coat and the Hard as Nails Vitamin Strength Serum.

I’ve used the Vitamin Serum since I got it, but can’t say that I’ve noticed any huge difference. Since I have naturally strong nails that rarely break, I don’t think I’m the best person to give a full review on this product. I did like the consistency because it was thin and absorbed quickly. It was not greasy at all and had a very light scent. When it comes to the No More Stains Spray-On Base Coat, I had flash backs to when I tried spray on nail polish…not good. This product doesn’t make a huge colored mess, so you won’t have to worry about that. To be 100% honest with you, I don’t have polishes that stain in my stash–I always get rid of them because I can’t stand stainers. I may continue to use this product just because it’s easy and because it has some nourishing benefits.

I think the matte finish on these polishes is lovely and the formulas soooo nice. Normally I really dislike matte polishes because the formula always dries too fast and you get lumpy and uneven results. This was not the case with these polishes. The formula was super buttery and smooth and they only needed two coats for full opacity.  You can find these products at your favorite retailer now so check them out!

Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

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Insta-Dri Matte Metallic Insta-Dri Matte Metallic Insta-Dri Matte Metallic

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