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Hey, guess what? I had to get up at 5:00 am today so I could be at work at 6:00. I hate my life today.  I know I’ve mentioned a few times how much I hate waking up in the morning, and I honestly feel that I will never be a morning person because  I wake up absolutely pissed no matter how many hours I sleep. The one good thing about this is that I am in a nice air conditioned building while it is a million degrees outside.  Since I had the bad break on my pointer finger, I am going to be showing you some of the swatches that were in my pending folder—thank God for previous swatching fits! Until my nail grows out (which will take about 2-3 weeks), I will be posting swatches I did pre-break. I am expecting a couple of collections in the next week so I may just buckle down and do three finger swatches because I don’t want to get crazy behind on my reviews. Tomorrow I will be posting the Essie Winter Collection so I hope that the three finger swatches don’t bother you too much. I had asked this question on my Facebook page and most people didn’t seem to care too much. Personally, I can’t stand three finger swatches (and I’ve seen two AND one finger swatches!!!) because they just seem lazy. But hey, that’s just how I feel about what I post on my blog so everyone has the right to decide what works for them on their blog.Today I’m going to show you another HTF Orly polish from their discontinued Satin Hues line. I previously reviewed Uniquely Satin and totally loved it so let’s take a look at Orly Satin Hues Satin Luxury.

Orly Satin Hues Satin Luxury 1Orly Satin Hues Satin Luxury 2Orly Satin Hues Satin Luxury 3While this isn’t a color that I would normally gravitate towards, Orly Satin Hues Satin Luxury is just so unique that I can’t help loving it. It wants to look frosty, but I think that the satin finish keeps it from crossing into the abyss of frost city. The application can be a little tricky because it is prone to brushstrokes so I had to try not to go over the same spot twice. Unfortunately, the formula is super thin so I needed 4 coats for full opacity. I know…I know…ain’t nobody got time for that. Well, I had time for that and I will make more time for that when I wear this polish again.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on some of these Satin Hues, you may be able to find them on evilbay for a reasonable price. If you love older polishes and enjoy the pre three free formula fumes (am I the only one?!?!?!), these are definitely worth getting. I am also a big fan of collecting older looking bottles so I do love these  .75 oz Orly behemoths.  Well, I hope your weekend has been better than mine….and everything starts up all over again tomorrow. Being an adult sucks. And this sums up my sentiments about growing up in general:

Talk to you later!

5 thoughts on “Orly Satin Hues Satin Luxury

  1. That is a gorgeous polish and I love the satin finish. I might be able to make time for 4 coats for this pretty polish.
    I have the same thought toward early mornings too when my alarm goes off as I have to be at work for a 6 am shift. I weighed the options though and I prefer getting up while the rest of the world sleeps to staying up all night and getting off at 6 am. I don’t like it any more than you do, but girl, you really hate mornings. On the bright side, I think of it as another chance to do an awesome makeup job and wear more new makeup! And show my gorgeous face and smile and start waking folks up! Oh yes, I get to wake people up at 0630 and administer medication. If I’m up, everyone’s getting up and I’m freakin’ cheery as all get out too. Yep, I can be so bubbly and cheery it’s annoying. At least I’m nice enough not to flip on the bright overhead exam lights. Ha ha. I really do like my patients, but it starts too damn early. I sing your song all the time hun. Like at 0440 when the alarm goes off tomorrow. Boo….. to mornings.

  2. This is gorgeous! I love this finish. Wish Orly would bring it back. I have Au Champagne and I love the feel of it, I imagine these are a similar feel and look. So soft, like candlelit glowy. Looking very much forward to your 3 finger swatches of the Essie Winter collection.

  3. I want to like mattes, satins, etc..but I sure do like shiny quick dry top coats. I am with you on being anti-morning, that is for sure. Your comment about waking up pissed no matter how many hours of sleep you got made me laugh – same here! I also chopped down all my nails recently, thinking I’d start over fresh after suffering broken corners, peeling and issues with my right hand pointer, middle and ring finger. Surprise, surprise, it is starting all over again. 🙁 I don’t stick with one of the treatment base coats very long, jumping between a mini OPI Nail Envy, Duri Rejuvacote, and Quimica Alemana. The latter two sometimes cause a burning sensation (seems like that is my fault for using if I have cut a pesky hangnail) and the brush on QA is really long and limp, kind of a PITA.

    Thanks for blogging even with the crappy early schedule!

  4. I will never, ever be a morning person, either. My main reason to look forward to the weekend is that I can get up when I want and (usually) not have to be anywhere. Sad, but true. It changes my entire outlook on life, no joke.
    I agree with your assessment of this polish wholeheartedly. The only thing I differ on is that I will not make time fo’ dat. However, that’s more my problem, because my application tends to suck on polishes where you can’t repeat an area, and I would just go mental doing that four times over.
    OMG, Billy…truer words have never been spoken.

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