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Man, it’s hot today. I bet I’m gonna get all gross and sweaty when I do my evening dance. Yep, I do an evening dance. See, I told myself that if I acted goofy and did something fun, that would lift my spirits. So every evening I play 10 songs and just dance around like a maniac. Yesterday I played “Blurred Lines” 3 times just because I’m really digging that song.


Yep, this is the “uncensored” version…oooh…naked girls. haha So anyway, I’ve been trying to cheer myself up with silly dancing and it actually has helped. At least I do a little exercise, right? I’m trying really hard to swatch all the polishes I buy as I buy them, but it’s kind of impossible because I just buy way too many all at once. Boo hoo…so many polishes…not enough fingers. Last night when I was feel all pathetic and down I jumped on and I was soooooo close to buying like 5 polishes (3 Dior, 1 Givenchy and 1 YSL), but I stepped away because it’s not like I am rich. I have other important things I need to be saving up for like a car.  Nail polish should be the last thing on my list but we all know how that goes…

I don’t remember when I purchased this polish, but it was probably a month ago? I’m always very curious about luxury brand nail polish because I want to know if they are really worth the crazy prices. In this case, it is $20 for a .3oz bottle. Let’s take a look at Givenchy Mandarine Boléro, shall we?








This color is a super bright tomato red/orange that is kind of perfect for summer. It’s not like a crazy bright eye-searing orange, but it’s definitely an attention getter. These are the kinds of colors that I enjoy wearing because they make me look even darker than I am.  What do I think about the formula? Well, it was fine–nothing earth-shattering. It’s fairly opaque, but I found the brush just kind of strange. It’s flat and super short with a rounded tip. I did not feel that it did a good job of fanning out and applying the polish evenly because it felt a little stiff. The polish dries fairly shiny, and I applied 3 thin coats for the swatches above. Honestly, I don’t think this polish is worth $20. It’s nice and I like the pretty bottle, but if I’m going to buy more Givenchy polishes, the colors are going to have to be a little more unique to justify the price.

I’m currently patiently waiting for a shipment from UPS, and I think I figured out what they are delivery. I. CAN’T. WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! And in case you were wondering, I am fully clothed.

Thanks for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

10 thoughts on “Givenchy Mandarine Boléro

  1. The color does look great, but I’m always hesitant with ‘strange’ brushes as well. If I’m spending $20 on a polish (which I am guilty of) I most certainly want better coverage than needing 3 coats. Thanks for the swatch/review. It’s really helpful!

  2. Love this color! They make me look darker, too, which is no easy feat. I tried to wear all of my polishes before I bought more once, but since getting really into indies it’s just not possible. You gotta be fast on those restocks and get it before they are never made again!

  3. Between the dancing and the UPS delivery, in the least creepy way possibly I was wondering “what are you wearing?” Haha. Y’know, just by experiencing all these expensive polishes vicariously through you, it seems like most of the expensive polishes really aren’t any better than say low-mid price polishes like china glaze/OPI/etc. Do you agree or am I just successfully convincing myself I never need to spend over 10ish dollars for polish? Either way this is pretty, but that’s kinda funky about the brush.
    Nicole recently posted..China Glaze Hologlam Sci-Fly ByMy Profile

    1. I think that for the most part, the formulas will be comparable to the usual “salon brands.” Honestly, it’s all about the pretty packaging and the name brand in about 90% of the cases. I’m not necessarily a label whore, but I like pretty things and these are pretty! 🙂

  4. I feel the same about this one as the YSL (I’m going backwards, here). It’s nice…I think the color is fantastic on you…but I wouldn’t necessarily go for it.
    Aw, man, I totally meant to ask you if we were going to have the evening dance party! I was probably too tired to remember, hahaha. Next time, next time…then we’ll REALLY freak your brother out! :p

    1. Yeah, your trip was a whirlwind. Even I was tired after all the polish shopping and I didn’t even do any of the crazy driving that you did! I keep making fun of my brother for being such a turd, but I think he was also all worried you were a serial killer. hahahahaha

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