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Well, hello kids! I think I have a concussion! Ha! So this morning I was in a rush to get ready for work and I had opened up a cupboard, bent down to pick something up and I stood up way too quickly and I slammed my head on it. Fun times. I was at work all day feel like someone had taken a hammer to my head, and I felt very nauseated. Of course my co-worker convinced me that I would die if I fell asleep so he was “keeping an eye on me” all day. haha–he cracks me up. Anyway, I think I’ll be ok since I’m going to try to get extra sleep tonight. I couldn’t help giggling about my head trauma considering one of my favorite episodes of The Office involves Dwight getting a concussion while trying to render aid to Michael who Foreman Grill-ed his foot.  I still miss The Office so much!!!!

Anyway, today I have ANOTHER super pricey polish to share with you. No, I’m not rich…I am just a cheapskate in every other facet of my life and spend all my disposable income on nail polish. Sad? Hey, in the words of Sheryl Crowe: if it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad.

Let’s take a look at YSL Vert d’Orient…








I get such horrid lobster hands with these green polishes, but I love the color so much.  The formula on this was pretty nice–it was a tiny thin for my liking but it covered well and flowed nicely. I applied two coats for the swatches above. I would also like to note that the polish acted a little weird when I applied a top coat–Seche Vite to be exact. It got kind of wrinkled, but then it smoothed down once it dried. It was definitely a weird reaction but worth noting.

So, what say you about YSL Vert d’Orient? Are you seduced by the fancy name brand and packaging or are you more practical? I wish I could say I was more on the practical side, but you have all seen the sheer number of polishes I purchase so practicality flew out the window a long time ago. I purchase my YSL polishes on Sephora.com or at Nordstrom. You can get your hands on this beauty for $25 for a .33 oz bottle. I hope that you have a great Friday night and an even better weekend. I hope to have a Greens Smackdown post for you tomorrow in which I will compare 8 green polishes at different price points because, really, who can afford $25 nail polish on the regular nowadays?

Thanks for the visit today…catch you later!

17 thoughts on “YSL Vert d’Orient

  1. Very pretty. But in all seriousness, maybe you SHOULD get checked out. I’m not trying to be an alarmist, but nausea after whacking your head doesn’t sound good. Not to sound trite, but better safe than sorry!

  2. You sound like your in very good spirits today, I hope it isn’t your “concussion!”

    Anyway, I’m very practical because every time I buy an expensive polish something always end up breaking it. So I stick with the “cheap” collections.

    Nice color.

    1. Omg, that sounds terrible! I would be so upset if one of these expensive polishes broke. In fact, I would be upset if any of my polishes broke. lol

      That’s funny that you mention that I’m in good spirits because someone said it must have been the blow to my head too. lol

    1. LOL…Oh, one of these days I’m going to post a picture of me wearing a green without any kind of color correcting. I almost never color correct my pictures but when I’m wearing a red, I just have to do it.

  3. I hope your concussion is feeling better and you made it through the night. 😉 Seriously tho I hope you are feeling better. Anyway I’m totally more practical (which I refer to as “broke”) and honestly can never see myself paying 25 bucks for polish. Maybe something super special, but I didn’t even buy the 20 dollar OPI gold flake topcoat when that was big. I just can’t justify that type of money, plus I think I just would rather get like 4 china glaze polishes than 1 YSL, Chanel, whatever brand polish. But I sure like hearing about them from you! 😉 this color is really pretty, but nothing too too special. I guess it does make your hands look a little lobsteriffic, but nothing as bad as my hands when I wear like red or pink. Yikes!! Who boiled my hands??
    Nicole recently posted..China Glaze Hologlam Sci-Fly ByMy Profile

    1. Eeeek…I actually do some color correcting on my hands when I swatch greens like this because they look so red it freaks me out…like raw meat red. LOL I know that sounds horrible but that’s what they look like in pics. It’s not as bad in real life but yikes the pictures look horrid. I hate it because I loooooove teals and greens. I totally know what you mean about expensive polishes. Like on Friday I bought 6 polishes and I still spent less than I would have if I purchased one YSL. They’re not always worth it.

  4. Maybe I watch too many medical dramas, but I’m really concerned for your head so make sure you do another post soon so I know you are okay.

    I love this color so hard. Luckily I have little to no pigmentation, so I wear greens to my hearts content! I too decided to make coffee at home so I had more money for polish. And I cut down on clothes. It makes me happy!

    1. You’re so sweet! I am doing well–I know I get paranoid too and I know head injuries are no joke.

      I like that we make concessions in other parts in order to be able to get the polishes we want! hehe

  5. Well, I don’t have too much to say about this one. I splurge from time to time, but I probably wouldn’t do so for this one (says the person who buys frosty hot mess Chanels…still no regrets here :p). It’s a good color, it looks fancy, but, as you aptly demonstrated, there’s a lot of others out there! 😉

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