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Hi there! Oh my! I have really slacked on my first post for 2016, and it kind of makes me sad. I keep telling myself that I’m going to try to be better about planning out my posts, but it just never seems to happen. In my defense, 2015 did not end on a high note only because I got sick. I ended up at urgent care right after Christmas with a vicious UTI but that ended up being the least of my worries. Due to a combination of being dumb, skipping my meds and eating/drinking like a fool, my sugar was at such an unacceptable level that the urgent care doctor threatened to admit me to the hospital. After additional blood work, I was allowed to go home but not before being “educated” about how to take care of myself. It’s not like it was news to me, but I think that it was a big wake up call. I have diabetes. Diabetes is no joke. Diabetes will kill me if I continue to ignore it. Soooo…I’ve been back on my meds AND I am making slow and manageable changes to my diet. I’m not going to go crazy all of a sudden and not eat any carbs because I know I’m just going to set myself up for failure. I’m making smarter choices about what I eat and when I eat; if I mess up, I’m not going to beat myself up about it and will just resolve to try harder next time. So you see, I have not started 2016 with a resolution to lose weight but to try harder and make better choices when it comes to food and my life all around. Despite not being in good health, I feel in good mental health which is half the battle. I am almost afraid to say that I am content because I don’t want life to jumpkick me in the face, but I feel good! It might just be the whole cheesecake I just ate (kidding!), but I’m really excited and looking forward to this year. Yeah, I know you’re thinking, “I’m here for the polish, not for your medical TMI!” Ok, ok…let’s move on to the polish. For my first swatch session of 2016, I sat down and swatched a dozen polishes and it took me forever because I was binging on Netflix at the same time. Today I have the Zoya Whispers Collection which are the transition shades for 2016. I know so many people were not excited about these because they’re not exactly vibrant, but what you call boring I will call…boring? Let me show you my swatches below and then I’ll give you the deets.

Zoya Whispers Collection Eastyn 1

Zoya Whispers Collection Eastyn 2Zoya Eastyn

Zoya Whispers Collection Lake 1

Zoya Whispers Collection Lake 2Zoya Lake

Zoya Whispers Collection Ireland 1

Zoya Whispers Collection Ireland 2Zoya Ireland

Zoya Whispers Collection April 1

Zoya Whispers Collection April 2Zoya April

Zoya Whispers Collection Cala 1

Zoya Whispers Collection Cala 2Zoya Cala

Zoya Whispers Collection Misty 1

Zoya Whispers Collection Misty 2Zoya Misty

Let’s talk about formula right off the bat. I almost felt like a polish newb because I had a hard time applying these in the beginning. Come to think of it, I think it was due to the fact that my apartment is colder than Siberia. I did notice that when the polish warmed up a bit, the application went a lot better. Still, these light shades can always tend to be streak-arrific. For all of my swatches I applied one thin coat and a second thicker coat to even out the color and finish. I followed up with a generous coat of my bff Seche Vite. I’m not gonna lie: these polishes are really pretty but kinda ho-hum. If you like soft and clean colors, you will really like these. Since I rarely meet a nail polish I don’t like, I do like these and do recommend at least 2 of these: Eastyn and Lake. Those are my top two favorite shades from this collection and now I’m wondering if you have any favorites. Let me know! Well, I really hope that your 2016 is starting off right and I want to thank you for stopping by today. I know I haven’t been very consistent with my blogging so I hope that I haven’t lost you! Talk to you soon.

13 thoughts on “Zoya Whispers Collection – Transitional 2016

  1. Does Seche Vite eat away at your Zoya polishes? It’s my #1 top coat but I remember a few times it making Zoya polishes diminish before my very eyes! Haha.. I use HK Girl for Zoya polishes but the shine and the longevity doesn’t compare to SV! Also, will any of these polishes go up on for sale?

    1. I haven’t noticed any weird Seche + Zoya reactions, but this is not the first time that I hear about that kind of reaction. I don’t always experience the dreaded shrinkage, but when I do I get furious. I really stick with Seche to do my swatching, but I’ve been using KBShimmer Clearly On Top for my normal manis and I love it. I haven’t tried HK Girl but it’s definitely on my list. As for these going on sale, since they are samples, I won’t be selling them.

  2. As usual you make everything look great, but aside from your trickery I am just “meh” about these and will pass.

  3. Wow, the only two I don’t enjoy are Easten and Misty, but I can see those looking fab with the right outfit. Ooooo <3

  4. I am neutral junkie, so I love this collection! Your nails look amazing!! Good part about being sick…

    I would say, don’t worry about not blogging like it is a job! Do it when you feel like it!

    PS – would you be interested in selling your Zoya Whisper Collection? Lock, stock and barrel?? I might know a girl who is interested!! (that would be me!)
    Elizabeth recently posted..Wedding ManicuresMy Profile

  5. “I am almost afraid to say that I am content because I don’t want life to jumpkick me in the face, but I feel good!” Life twinning 100%.
    What were you bingeing on Netflix?
    I’m going to say these are a no. If they are both boring and not the greatest formula…I’m not seeing the draw, then, haha.

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