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Hello, good Monday morning (if you’re reading this as soon as it was posted)! I’ve had some pretty uneventful days recently, and somehow I feel that in a way it is exactly what I needed. It hasn’t been as unbearably hot lately either so I think that has helped out with my mood. I get so grumpy when it’s so hot that I just don’t want to do anything. Not having AC in my apartment is kind of annoying, but being this close to the beach means that I don’t really need AC for most of the year so I guess I shouldn’t complain. Things have also gotten back to normal since my parents went back home; I love them to death, but sometimes I just need some peace and quiet. This weekend I tried to get a bunch of things done but pretty much failed: story of my life! One thing that I did do, is that I got the creme half of the Zoya Urban Grunge Collection swatched. Yipppeeee! At least I got one thing done that was on my list. Let me show you my swatcheroos before we dive in.

Zoya August 1

Zoya August 2

Zoya August

Zoya Noah 1

Zoya Noah 2

Zoya Noah

Zoya Courtney 1

Zoya Courtney 2

Zoya Courtney

Zoya Tara 1

Zoya Tara 2

Zoya Tara

Zoya Wyatt 1

Zoya Wyatt 2

Zoya Wyatt

Zoya Mallory 1

Zoya Mallory 2

Zoya Mallory

Oh, where to start? You all know I love myself some delicious creme polishes, but I am not super in love with this half of the collection. These are marketed as one coat cremes, and I can tell you that these are much better cremes than the Sunsets. You can definitely get away with one coat on some of these if you use a thick enough coat, but personally I prefer to use two thinner coats because I feel like I get better results. The formula on these was not bad–with the exception of Noah. Oh, Noah, you traitorous putty creme! It was really difficult to work with Noah and even after 3 coats, it just looked streaky and off. I do like the color and I can see it working on many skin tones, but it was just a big fat nope for me. As for the rest of the colors, I used 2 thin coats of polish and 1 coat of glossy top coat. If you want to hear the honest truth, save your doubloons. These are nice creams if you don’t already have something similar, but let’s be honest: you probably have a few dupes of all of these. However, if you are kind of normal and don’t have numerous dupes of these colors, I feel that Wyatt and Mallory are definitely worth picking up. You will also need your doubloons for the other half of this collection: the metallic holos. Be still, my beating heart! (Swatches coming soon.) If you’re interested in picking up any of these cremes from the Zoya Urban Grunge Collection, you can head over to zoya.com where they retail for $10 each. What do you think of this half of the collection? Are there any shades that you are interested in getting? Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I hope you have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Zoya Urban Grunge Collection – Cremes

  1. I like August but it’s not quite the right shade of grey – I’m on the hunt for the “perfect” grey – I want it light and kind of bright but still… grey, lol. And a/c is just so worth saving up for. I am the same with heat and it just makes a world of difference in just being able to think and function like a normal person and not a miserable rage-ball.

  2. The name of the collection brought flannel, nirvana & earth tones to mind, but didn’t really deliver. August and Courtney are kinda nice though.

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