Winner Announced: OPI Euro Centrale Minis

One more giveaway done and complete! I really like being able to do this for all of you who stop by and read my blog. I know that my fellow bloggers out there know how disheartening things can get when you feel down on your blog–like no one reads it and no one cares. I think we all have those moments about things we care about, so I try to shake it off because I know that I have made some amazing friends through this little venture. I hope that you will all continue to visit.

I wish I had a better and easier way to let people become followers, but the problem is that wordpress does not have many functions for that except to allow people to subscribe via email. It seems that some of you have reported that the system is being glitchy and that you never received an email so you could confirm your subscription so I’m really sorry if that happened. I hope that it was just a temporary  glitch because I will be having a bigger giveaway hopefully in the coming week or two to celebrate reaching 1,000 likes on FB and I’m pretty close to that on Twitter as well. Thank you all for all the support!

The winner of the OPI Euro Centrale Minis is…..



I have sent Christina an email, and I am waiting to hear back from her. Thanks to everyone for participating in this giveaway and don’t forget to enter my other giveaway for a bottle of Silly Lily Winterberry.

You can enter here to win this beauty:

Silly Lily Winterberry Swatch

Thanks for stopping by today!

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