Vapid Lacquer Birthday Bitch

How’s your Wednesday going so far? I’m having a good week so far–busy, but good. Last night my parents arrived for a visit so I’m pretty excited because I haven’t seen them in over 6 months. They’re coming to visit because they want to see their first-born, moi, but also because my brother and sister-in-law are having their baby this weekend. I’m soooo excited to be an auntie for the second time. This past weekend I picked up Peanut in the morning and we had a super fun Peanut/Auntie day. Yes, he’s spoiled but he’s my little love and now I’ll have two to spoil! Yay! Since I was kinda busy this weekend, I didn’t get too much swatching done, but I did swatch  couple of polishes because I just could NOT wait. Today I have a beauty that I’ve been eyeing for a while: Vapid Lacquer Birthday Bitch.

Vapid Lacquer Birthday Bitch 1

Vapid Lacquer Birthday Bitch 2

Vapid Lacquer Birthday Bitch 3Isn’t this a gorgeous polish? I’m completely obsessed with it because it’s unlike anything in my stash. The formula was pretty good and you only need two coats. In fact, I applied 3 coats and I think it looks much better at two coats.

So what do you think of this beauty? Do you own any Vapids? Which are your favorites if you do? Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

12 thoughts on “Vapid Lacquer Birthday Bitch

  1. I may just have to get me a bottle. It i different. Plus it has Birthday in the name…and I was born in March. LOL!

  2. You do Birthday Bitch justice, it’s beautiful! I do have a few Vapids, BB, Spellcaster and Campfire. If you are in the Hella Holo Customs group make sure you get Spellcaster when she makes her glorious return!

  3. Uugghh, it’s so awesome. I bet that red is going to be out of control awesome on you, too.
    Glad you get to spend time with your parents and congrats on being an auntie to Jelly! 😉

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