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Guess what? I actually feel pretty great today after my workout on Monday. I’m not sore, and I’m really looking forward to my workout after work! Work has been kinda funny today because some lady called basically acting like her life was in jeopardy because of the dumbass issue that she was having with our products. I wanted to laugh in her face, but I didn’t. However, this did make me question how people like her deal with REAL problems. Her issue was an inconvenience and not a true problem but she started crying saying we were ruining her life. Seriously? That’s some serious crack talk right there. I have the patience of a saint which is why I can deal with these morons. Anyway, let’s move on to the stars of the show! Today I am really happy to show you some polishes from a new indie brand: The Devil Wears Polish. The mastermind behind The Devil Wears Polish is my friend, Tami, and I am really excited for her because as a nail blogger, I always think of what I would do if I was coming up with a collection. Let’s take a look at three of her creations:

The Devil Wears Polish G Spot 1The Devil Wears Polish G Spot 2The Devil Wears Polish G Spot is a nice purple magenta polish with a scattered holographic finish. The formula was nice but a little thin so I applied two thick coats.

The Devil Wears Polish Absinthe Makes My Clothes Fall Off 1The Devil Wears Polish Absinthe Makes My Clothes Fall Off 2I was the most excited about The Devil Wears Polish Absinthe Makes My Clothes Fall Off because I just don’t have a similar polish. The holo in this polish is very faint once I got it on my nails, and it is more of a scattered holo rather than a linear holo. Unfortunately, the formula on this one was very thin and streaky. I had to apply 4 coats to get even coverage

Sorry, I couldn’t help sharing this video as Eurotrip is one of my favorite stupid movies ever. This clip left out the funniest part when the twins are making out and they can’t stop screaming once they realize it. Nevermind, here it is:

Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.


The Devil Wears Polish I'd Do Me 1The Devil Wears Polish I'd Do Me 2Lastly, this is The Devil Wears Polish I’d Do Me. Now, this one I can totally boogie to. Something creepy: I kept remember that scene in Silence Of The Lambs…yeah, that one. Anyway, I kept singing “Goodbye Horses” while I used this polish. lol I know, I’m a weirdo. I’d Do Me is a true linear holo and it has a really nice formula–opaque at two coats, shiny and smooth.

These are really nice colors for the inaugural collection of Tami’s polish line. They are staple-type colors and she’s constantly working on her formulations. In fact, one of the things that she mentioned to me is that she has gotten a lot of feedback and has been working on improving the formula of her polishes which is awesome to hear. I love it when indie makers are open to hearing from their customers and actually doing something about it. I have a couple more polishes to show you from her line and they are glitters! Yay! I’m sure you’re going to like them. For more information on The Devil Wears Polish, make sure to follow them on their blog and on Facebook. Check out all the polishes for sale on their website.

Let me know what you think of these babies! Thank so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.

18 thoughts on “The Devil Wears Polish

  1. I like the names & the packaging, colors are nice. I really likes I’d do me. Went on website, everything I wanted was sold out. Prices are kind of high too.

  2. Teehee! That’s exactly where I got the name for I’d Do Me. Well, actually it was the Family Guy episode where Chris is playing the fruit loop. LOVE the swatches! Thanks for a fab review yo! Would you do me? I’d do me. I’d do me so hard. LMAO, it’s still so creepy even after 20-some years πŸ™‚

  3. If I was talking to that lady at work, I probably would have said, “Oh, this is ruining your life? Then, lady, I wish I had your life.” *hang up*
    I’ve always wondered about absinthe. I’m so old now the after-effects would probably make it not worth trying…but I’d still do it, just to satisfy that curiosity. πŸ˜‰
    Just last night my friends and I were talking about getting drunk at an upcoming friend’s wedding and we were saying it’s one of the only opportunities that we can because the wedding is on a Friday and it will take us two days to recover instead of zero to one like the old days.
    Hmmm…I just checked out the web site and I think this brand has a lot of promise! And the names are not PG, and we all know how us crazy nail ladies will sometimes buy a polish just because of the name, haha!
    I thankfully have no idea what you’re talking about with The Silence of the Lambs. I’ve never seen it!

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