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Zoya Stella

Stella is another polish that I purchased during the Zoya Earth Day Extravaganza. As you may recall, I ended up purchasing 14 bottles. Yeah, that’s right so don’t judge me you hypocrite. I really like that all these polishes have first names because it’s fun to pick out the polish with your name. Cynthia is a super dark and smoky color so I think it fits me perfectly.

I used this polish in honor of my friend Mavel who encouraged me to start this blog. We were always sharing nail polish stuff and she always told me I should blog. Additionally, she is the one who told me about all the nail places that I now basically live at. I can say that I have Mavel to thank for my rampant polish purchases. Mavel has the most adorable daughter named Stella–hence the choice of polish.

I couldn’t see the shimmer that much in the bottle so I really loved it when I went out in the sun. I only used two coats which seemed like full coverage but now I’m seeing some vnl.  🙁 I still like this polish despite the vnl.

What are you wearing today?