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Jade Vermelho Surreal

Jade Vermelho Surreal




Hey, how was your Monday? Mine was pretty busy but I can’t complain–well, I can but I decide not to. That’s quite a revelation for me because complaining is apparently one of my favorite pastimes. I think that I’ve just come to realize that the more I complain, the worse I feel. It’s not to say that complaining is bad, but when all you do is complain, then that just has the potential to make you feel even worse.My life isn’t perfect, but maybe it’s what I need right at this moment. Another thing I need at this moment is to get MORE RED HOLOS and that is where Jade Vermelho Surreal steps in. I actually have two bottles of this beauty that were gifts from two amazing and lovely ladies: Lesley and Amy. I was so excited to get these that I didn’t even want to wear them cause they are just too lovely to use. Of course that thinking is just ridiculous, but I know that some of you understand! Let me show you what this polish looks like depending on the lighting.

Jade Vermelho Surreal 1Jade Vermelho Surreal 2Jade Vermelho Surreal looks a little more orange and coppery with artificial lighting. The holo effect is a little weak in this type of lighting but you can definitely see it.

Jade Vermelho Surreal 3Jade Vermelho Surreal 4This lighting is comparable to what the polish will look like in the sunlight. Isn’t it gorgeous? I wore this to work yesterday and I felt so sneaky because it looked work appropriate indoors but the rainbow was blinding once I left the office. The formula on this polish is really amazing as it only needs two coats and it dries super shiny.

Anyway, I hope that you liked todays gorgeous polish and a big thanks to Lesley and Amy once again. Thanks for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.


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