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Tarina Tarantino Meteor Night

Tarina Tarantino Meteor Night




Hey, well it’s Wednesday and suddenly we’re almost half-way done through the week. You’ll never ever hear me complain about that. I think that today is going to be one of those hellish days at work so I’m already mentally preparing myself for that. When I was at work yesterda, I had to speak with someone who was so grateful after our conversation–and after I helped her fix her issues–that the genuine gratitude in her voice made up for any other grumpy people I had spoken to. I guess that’s what makes me want to go to work–knowing that I actually can make a difference in someone’s life. That and the fact that working funds my polish binges and other side stuff like food and rent–but polish comes first, you know? All jokes aside, its nice to have a job where you can feel like you accomplished something to make someone’s life better. My previous job did not give me the same satisfaction which is why I had to leave it–it was slowly killing my soul. I’ve never been a person who just works for the paycheck–if I don’t like my job, I will find one that I do like. I guess that’s one of the benefits of being single and childless–I have the luxury of being crazy and just following whatever I want to do without having to think of anyone else. Let’s move away from serious stuff and let me show you the real polish goods today: Tarina Tarantino Meteor Night.

Tarina Tarantino Meteor Night 1Tarina Tarantino Meteor Night 2Tarina Tarantino Meteor Night 3I like blue nail polish. I know you like blue nail polish. Don’t deny it. I saw your eyes get all big when you saw this gorgeous blue. No, that was not me peeking through your window.  This polish is hella pigmented so I could have gotten away with one coat, but I am a creature of habit so I applied two coats. It dried so shiny that I didn’t even need a top coat. If you want this polish, I’m sorry that I have no idea where to buy it or if it’s even available. This line used to be sold at Sephora but it was discontinued so I have no other information. Sorry!

Nails Inc The Wyndham 2Nails Inc The Wyndham 1Just because I wanted more awesomeness, I applied one coat of Nails Inc The Wyndham over Meteor Night. I like it. I like it a lot.  I could have applied more coats to make this look even cooler, but I just wanted a wash of flakies. Why can’t nail polish companies make awesome flaky polishes? Someone please explain it to me!!!

I am feeling kind of nuts today. It could be that I went to sleep late or I’m just giddy for whatever reason. Oh, I almost forgot to mention this to you: I added a feature to my blog that allows people to leave me voice messages! This could either be super fun and cool or a huge mistake. lol I signed up for a free account which allows me to receive 20 messages but I’m not sure if that includes responses. We shall see. Maybe I’ll only get 1 message and I’ll feel like a loser. Actually, I take that back. Robin left me a message last night and it totally made my night. I didn’t get a chance to respond yet because I was super tired and was falling asleep but I’ll get on it posthaste! I posted on my facebook for Robin to send me an email with her mailing address because i want to send her a little gift for being the first one to use the application. Anywho, I’ll talk to you guys soon and thanks so much for stopping by today.