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Sinful Colors Zeus

I finally got around to trying my first Sinful Colors polish. I bought 4 of them a few weeks ago when they were on sale for $1 at Walgreens. I have to say that I absolutely love this color. It’s just what I was in the mood for. The formula left a lot to be desired: it was goopy and runny at the same time and I found it very difficult to apply it evenly. For the second coat, I added a few drops of Seche Restore to the polish and it was perfectly smooth and manageable.

How beautiful is that shimmer?

Today I saw Dr. H for the last time, apparently. He told me that he was going to be working at a new place starting in July. Ugh. I really liked him. He was the one who treated me during my last hospitalization, and I feel really comfortable with him. He’s not my therapist, just my psychiatrist so we mainly focus on my meds and how I’m feeling. We talked about him doing the freaking dog letter again but I guess all those things have to go through the director so Dr. H is supposed to call me back once he talks to her. It really sounded like they’re going to do it now. I won’t hold my breath.

I also didn’t go to the gym today. I was totally not feeling like it today so I’ll  be sure to work extra hard tomorrow. Working out daily has made me feel so much better. I feel like I’ve accomplished something! I need to go buy my mom a gift for mother’s day. She is a perfume lover like me so I was thinking of buying her a nice set. I might hit up Sephora tomorrow to check stuff out.

OH NO THEY DIDN’T!!! I was just finishing up this post as I watched Grey’s Anatomy and all of a sudden there is a plane crash. Ok, I nearly shit myself. I can’t wait till next week.