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China Glaze The Great Outdoors Collection Fall 2015

China Glaze The Great Outdoors Collection Fall 2015




Hey there! Welcome back. Apparently this will be “Fall Week” on Of Life and Lacquer because today I have the China Glaze The Great Outdoors Collection for Fall 2015. When I first saw pictures of this collection, I wasn’t SUPER excited. I wasn’t On Safari excited, if you know what I mean. Still, I felt there were quite a few shades that looked interesting so I was still looking forward to trying out all of them. What else can a polish addict say? I am kind of in a better mood because the weather has decided to cool down a bit which I am eternally grateful for. I hate getting the heat rages so you know that I’ve been much more mellow as of late. One thing that has come up is that my car is on the outs again. I bought this car 2 years ago and have logged like 16,000 miles. Two months ago my transmission crapped out so it was repaired under my warranty and now I’m sensing the same issue again where my car does not shift out of first gear. Seriously? I am going to have the biggest fit if this is just going to be a revolving door of issues. I bought a brand new car so I shouldn’t have to deal with these issues so early on, right? Anyway, enough complaining about my car and let me show you my swatches.

12China Glaze S’More Fun

34China Glaze My Lodge or Yours?

56China Glaze Change Your Altitude

78China Glaze Let’s Dew It

910China Glaze Take A Hike

1112China Glaze Sleeping Under The Stars

1314China Glaze Free Bear Hugs

1516China Glaze Check Out The Silver Fox

1718China Glaze Wood You Wanna?

1920China Glaze Cabin Fever

2122China Glaze Gone Glamping

2324China Glaze Pondering

I think this collection is weird, but weird in a good way. Isn’t S’More Fun like the weirdest color to make an appearance in a fall collection??? If you like yellow/green polishes, you’re going to love this one regardless of how much it sticks out like a sore thumb. I am absolutely in love with My Lodge or Yours? and Change Your Altitude–they are such gorgeous neutrals but again, they seem to be more spring appropriate.  This whole collection has a little bit of everything: delicious cremes, glitter, foils and duochromes. I had ZERO issues with the formula of these which is always such a wonderful thing to say because you know that if the formulation sucks, nothing will save it. The China Glaze The Great Outdoors Collection is available NOW at all the usual places where you can purchase the brand such as Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply. So which shades will you be picking up (or have already picked up)? Let me know what you think! Thanks for the visit today, and I will catch up with you soon.