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Nubar Jellybeans Part 2

I purchased the rest of the Nubar Jellybeans Collection except Lemon. I already have a couple of bright yellow polishes and since I don’t use them often, I decided to pass.

Strawberry was a sheer nightmare. I had to apply five coats for full opacity! I don’t think the color is that pretty or original to deal with applying that many coats.

Cherry is not very original, but I like it. It was not as sheer as Strawberry but was still a three-coater. I’m really liking all these orange reds. However, this looks a lot more like a tomato to me. Is that weird? The first thing I thought of was of V8 juice.

Grape is purple. I love purple. Nuff said.

Blueberry is so my color. I’ve been diggin’ blues a lot lately, and I noticed I’m adding a lot of blues to my collection. This one was not as sheer as some of the other polishes so I appreciated that. I find this is a pretty close to OPI’s Dating A Royal and Essie’s Mesmerize…maybe just a tad lighter.

If these polishes weren’t so sheer, I’d like them a whole lot more. I don’t regret purchasing them because I like the collection as a whole but just wish the formula was better. Which is your favorite color?