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OPI No Room For The Blues…Cause I’m Feeling Blue

OPI No Room For The Blues…Cause I’m Feeling Blue




Can you guys believe that it’s almost 2014. Seriously. One more day and we are officially entering 2014. The thought of this is super depressing to me because once again I am getting down on myself for the pathetic state of my life. I wanted 2013 to be different but here I am once again lamenting that I don’t have a career, I’m still fat, sad and depressed. Ok…I’m not trying to be super melodramatic here, but it is really hard to find myself in this situation. I’m going to be 35 next year…35!!!! Whatever happened to me? Seriously. I remember when I was 16, I was sure that I was going to become an archeologist/anthropologist/Shakespearean scholar/writer/world traveler…and now what? Life has just judo chopped me in the face, and I’m taking it while I ask for more. I hate starting out every year with all these resolutions that I know I will abandon on the 2nd, so this year I am focusing on something different.

Last night my two best friends and I went to dinner and we pinky swore (you know the power of the pinky swear is undeniable and binding for life) that we would take an awesome trip next December. We are going to plan a trip to Paris, Florence and Rome so we can celebrate (or lament) turning 35. Doesn’t that sound awesome?! Awesomely expensive, that is. So in order to be able to afford such a trip, I am going to go on a serious budget and I will stick to it this time because I have made a promise. We also promised to support each other in our quest to get healthy by working out together at least once a week. We really have to stick with it because I am getting to the point of no return with my health and my weight so I’m really looking forward to making some healthy changes. Given my frame of mind, I decided to pull out one of my untrieds that seemed very fitting: OPI No Room For The Blues.

OPI No Room For The Blues 1aOPI No Room For The Blues 2The first thing I asked myself after applying this polish was: WHY HAVEN’T I USED THIS BEFORE?!?!?! It is one seriously gorgeous blue! The formula is like butter and it applies flawlessly. When I saw the brightness of this polish, I seriously feared the dreaded blue staining but I am happy to report that it did not stain at all. OPI No Room For the Blues is now one of my favorites blues ever.

Before I forget to ask, what do you think of my new pictures? I felt like I needed a new hand position and this just happened the other day. It’s not the most flattering, but it’s a change from what I have had for the past two years. Also, do you think the size of the pictures is too big? Anyway, I’ll probably make some slight blog changes for the coming year and it all has to start somewhere, right? Since I don’t have any plans for tomorrow, I’ll probably spend NYE with the fam and have something yummy for dinner. I should be able to squeeze in one last blog post for 2013 tomorrow so I will catch you later!