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China Glaze Little Drummer Boy

November is here which means that the only holiday I like is around the corner: Christmas! I am not a person who usually enjoys holidays, but I love decorating a Christmas tree. There is something so lovely about the process of unwrapping and unpacking Christmas ornaments that just makes me happy. I was looking through my polishes today since I had a bunch of them out after my blog sale post, and I reached for China Glaze Little Drummer Boy. This polish comes from the 2010 Holiday collection which predates my nail polish obsession.  The reason why I even got this polish is because I can never think of the song The Little Drummer Boy without thinking of Angela on the office singing this song during office karaoke or when she asked Andy if she could walk down the aisle to this song when they were planning their wedding. hahaha…I am cracking myself up over here. I tried to find a clip of these exchanges on youtube but could not come up with anything. 🙁 However, I did find one clip that I had forgotten about:

That’s classic Dwight right there.

Back to the polish: Little drummer boy is a darkened blue with some gorgeous shimmer. This polish is super opaque so I could have gotten away with one coat but I used two.

China Glaze Little Drummer Boy Swatch          China Glaze Little Drummer Boy Swatch

Since I haven’t been doing much stamping lately, I decided to stamp an argyle design from Konad plate M60.

China Glaze Little Drummer Boy Swatch Konad M60 Stamp          China Glaze Little Drummer Boy Swatch Konad M60 Stamp

I am not that happy with this stamping job. I have noticed that all of the white konad polish that I have purchased the last year or so have been really watery. The first couple of white konad polishes I bought where so thick and opaque and always stamped perfectly. These new ones, not so much.

And just as a treat (I’m looking at you, Lesley!), here is a compilation video of awesome Dwight moments:

I think that I have just found the perfect opening sentence for my next job interview: “How would I describe myself? Three words: hard-working, alpha-male, jackhammer, merciless, insatiable.” How could they NOT hire me, right?


Holiday Nails

Today I decided to konad up my manicure. There is something about red and white that just screams Christmas to me…it’s probably the candy canes. Anyhow, here are the details:

1) Base Coats – I have used a lot of different top coats and I really love China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat. Using a base coat helps your polish last longer and it also prevents staining. Who likes stained nails? Not me!

2) Base Color – For this manicure, I used China Glaze Ruby Pumps. It’s a gorgeous red with red glitter.

3) Stamping Polish – When I first starting using Konad, I thought I could get away with using regular nail polishes. Opaque metallic colors work well for stamping but if you want crisp and opaque designs, you have to get Konad Special Polishes. I only have the white and black versions and don’t really feel the need to get anymore colors just yet.

4) Top Coat – Seche Vite. I use Seche Vite always unless I’m doing a matte manicure. Seche Vite dries your nails in just a few minutes and leaves them glassy and beautiful. I just wish it didn’t smell like death.

5) Konad – I used plate M60 for this konadicure. You will need the stamper and a scraper.

6) Clean Up Supplies : Acetone and cotton balls to clean up your stamper and plate in between stamping each nail; tweezers to handle the cotton balls soaked with acetone (trust me…use the tweezers because you will ruin your nail polish while you’re stamping and cleaning up the plate/stamp); brush to clean up the edges and cuticles after you’re done stamping

If you’re curious how all this Konad stuff works, you can watch the following video on youtube:

I chose this video for comedic purposes. They do a good job of explaining how to use Konad but that creepy robot lady and that music…who thought this video was a good idea?

Anyway, here is the final result:

And I’m ready for Christmas!

Bisous mes chéris!