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Layla Ocean Rush

I just need to resign myself to the idea that I will buy every polish in this collection…eventually. At $15.50 a pop for .33 oz, this is way too expensive for me but these are linear holos. Before these, I did not have ANY linear holos, and I think they are worth every penny. Now that they are at my Ulta, I can buy these and use their coupons. I ended up paying around $13.50 for Ocean Rush–tax included. Score!

I should have waited a little longer to take a picture of my nails because the holo hadn’t developed all the way, but I wanted to catch the last bit of sunlight. I am in love with this one. Next on my list?

Sorry, I couldn’t stop myself. I am a H&O nerd. How sexy is that mustache? lol

So have you gotten your hands on any of these? What is your favorite holo of any brand?