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Dior Diablotine

Dior Diablotine




Hi everyone! I hope that you’re enjoying your Sunday and that you’re getting ready for Monday! Work was pretty slow today so I got to just chill out, and I hope that tomorrow is slow as well since it is Veteran’s Day. I won’t hold my breath, though. This weekend has been pretty exciting because my beautiful nephew was born a little past midnight on Saturday and I can tell you that I am completely in love with the little man. I am definitely a proud auntie! Before I start sounding like a lunatic about how excited I am about my nephew, let me tell you what polish I have for you today. I bought Dior Diablotine sometime last year, maybe, but I hadn’t reviewed it which surprised me because I’m always excited about my Dior purchases. Well, once I tried to photographed it, I remembered why I hadn’t blogged about it: I couldn’t get a good picture of it for the life of me! Let’s take a look at my bad swatches below.

Dior Diablotine 1Dior Diablotine 2Dior Diablotine 3Dior Diablotine is a crazy shimmery orangey-red-coral beauty that refuses to photograph accurately. My pictures make it look more orange than it is in real life. The shimmer in this polish makes the formula feel kind of grainy but that also gives you a lot of control. I also felt that the formula was rather sheer so it looked uneven at two coats, but a third coat fixed that. Overall, I do like this color but to formula was a little…interesting. I’d also like to note that removal was challenging because the shimmer got EVERYWHERE. And I mean everywhere.

And just because I can’t help showing him off, here is a picture of my nephew. Isn’t he adorable? I just want to snuggle him!!

babyWell, that’s all that I have for you today. I hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend, and I will talk to you soon.