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Finger Paints Chromatic Creation

Finger Paints Chromatic Creation




Today kind of sucked. I have been trying to get my prescriptions filled but every time I check, my pharmacy says they haven’t gotten the script from my doctor. They request it and I call, and nothing happens despite them saying it was sent. Finally I was told by my pharmacy that they received everything so I go to pick it up. Surprise! My meds aren’t covered by my insurance so it will be about $400 a month. Uhm, yeah….that ain’t gonna happen. So now I’m back to the drawing board and will be asking my doctor to prescribe something different. I need to make sure it’s in the stupid formulary for my insurance so I can get it covered. I’m so irritated because this new insurance I got kind of sucks balls. Freaking cheap Blue Shield plan! There isn’t much I can do until I get together with my doctor so hopefully we can find something that won’t cost me an arm and a leg. I also got a call from the lab because apparently they messed up my urine sample and want me to go back in again. Can I get some sort of good health news today? Oh yeah, I also got my blood tests back and my a1c is at 10…which is pretty bad. Fuck my life. I’ll discuss this more after we get to the main point of this post which is Finger Paints Chromatic Creation.

Finger Paints Chromatic Creation 1Finger Paints Chromatic Creation 2I took these pictures out in the sunlight because I wanted to get a good picture of the delicate holo. This isn’t one of those crazy wham bam linear holos that we see so often as it is very subdue and classy. I really like it and especially like the budget price. I picked this one up at the same time I got Rock Hard Lilac so it ended up being free. Pretty holo and free??? Yes, please! The formula was pretty standard so it wasn’t crazy like some holos. Since this polish is part of their core line, it isn’t LE so you don’t really have to rush out to get it. However, I’ve heard that it’s hard to find and sold out all over the place. I got the last bottle at my Sally’s!

So, here is the deal-io. My sugars are too high, my cholesterol is high and so is my blood pressure. I weighed in at 260 lbs last week which means I gained 10 lbs in the last year. I thought I had reached a breaking point last year, but clearly I’m still struggling. Now that I have insurance and that I will be taking medication regularly, I hope that those numbers go down, but that won’t happen unless I also exercise. I refuse to spend the rest of the year hovering at such a horribly unhealthy weight so I am going to take the bull by the horns. I am committing to losing 65 lbs this year and get out of the 200’s. This means that I have 10 months to do this so that’s about 7lbs a month which is totally doable. Slow and steady, right? I had mentioned to my blogger girls that if I don’t manage to do this, I will legit give them all my nail polish. Well, maybe excluding the polishes in my “expensive” drawer of my melmers. hahaha I know they are going to hold me to this so I better get to work unless I want to lose all my polish! Lose the fat, not the polish. Hey! That could be my new hashtag and tagline. While some of you may think this is just TMI, I think that it helps me feel accountable…like you are all helping me stay on track. I’m looking forward to sharing my success with you because there isn’t really an alternative. Thanks for the visit today, and I will talk to you soon!