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Is It Time To Grow Up?

People always comment on my nail polish. Some older women but mostly younger women. The younger girls seem to comment more whenever I have a glitter explosion on my nails or I am sporting an in your face Konad design. After a teenage girl made a comment on my nails today, I wondered to myself if it is time to grow up…nail polish-wise. At 32 years of age, is it time to move away from the crazy designs I sometimes wear? Should I be moving towards the taupe/beige/mauve office appropriate colors?

Hell-to-the-no. If I get to be old, I am going to be the old lady with crazy nails…and purple eyeshadow. Yeah, all the craziness minus the cats.

So here I am again using another color from the Up & Away Collection. Bubblegum pink? Oh yes, the perfect bubblegum pink.  Sugar High was a dream to apply: smooth, saturated and shiny. I love this color for spring and summer!


Konad plate M66 is very Japanese inspired and I tried one of the designs. I think I should have picked a more muted pink for this design…something along the lines of OPI’s Japanese Rose Garden would have looked better.


So what do you think about this color? Do you think there is an age where elaborate and colorful nails start to seem tacky?