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L.A. Girl 3D Effects Teal Dimension

L.A. Girl 3D Effects Teal Dimension




Yesterday I went for my follow up with my primary care doctor so we could go over all my medications. Since I’ve basically let my health go to pot ever since I lost my job and health insurance, we had a lot to go over. Since I am not back on track on the job and insurance front, she ordered a bunch of blood tests to see where I am. I’ve probably mentioned it before, but I am a medical mess with my PCOS and diabetes so I was super worried about what she would say. Thankfully she didn’t make me feel even worse by scolding me, but she did stress to me how important it is to monitor my sugars and such. Because of my PCOS and insulin resistance, I always danced a fine line between full blown diabetes and pre-diabetes so it was only a matter of time before I became a diabetic. I was making great strides with my physical health at one point, but sadly my mental health fell by the wayside and that’s when everything went to pot. Now I feel very ready to take on this big challenge which is why I went to see my doctor before I throw myself into an exercise routine. I got a flu shot (for the first time ever!) and she also checked my sugars at the office. It wasn’t as bad as she was expecting since I haven’t been taking metformin, but she said it was a little higher than she would like to see. I guess I won’t know much until the results of my tests come back, but I’m glad to be getting back into a healthier path. I know that if I lose weight, it will help regulate so many things and maybe I won’t have to be on meds anymore!

Anyway, enough of all my health woes because I know you’re here to see the polish, right? hehe The polish I’m featuring today is one that I bought a long time ago but never swatched. Now that I have tried it out, I’m kicking myself for not buying all the other colors in this collection because it is breathtaking. Let’s take a look at L.A. Girl 3D Effects Teal Dimension.

L.A. Girl 3D Effects Teal Dimension 1a

L.A. Girls 3D Effects Teal Dimension 2aFirst of all, these pictures make the polish look more blue than it is. It’s definitely teal in person, but my camera loves to make everything look blue. The lighting I used doesn’t let the holographic particles really stand out, but man this looks awesome in sunlight. It’s a strange kind of holographic finish as it is kind of chunky but feels very smooth on the nail. The formula is so amazing as it is a little on the thick side but not goopy. It has great coverage so you only need two coats for full opacity. I approve of this beauty!

Well, I hope you’re having a nice day today. I’m planning on going on a small dusty hunt after work today so maybe I’ll show up with some crazy old polishes on my facebook page. I love how many of you visit me there and keep the discussions fun. Have you checked out my facebook page? You can visit here if you’re interested. Hope to see you there, and I will talk to you soon!