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Golden Rose 37

Golden Rose 37




Well, here I am still sick. I think that now that the weather is changing again (it was really cool this morning), my body is just going nuts. It’s kind of crazy that while we have been in the 80’s for the last week, other parts of the country are completely snowed in. Yep, I shouldn’t be complaining about sunny, hot days even though it is the middle of January. Today I have the other polish that Daniel brought back for me from his recent trip to South Africa. Here is Golden Rose 37:

Golden Rose 37 1aGolden Rose 37 2This color screams Spring to me so it’s actually rather fitting considering the warm weather we are experiencing lately. I really like this beautiful melon color, but I found it to be an application beast. The formula is touted as a 1 coater, but it needed 3 coats to even out. Still, I love this juicy color and anticipate wearing it a lot this Spring/Summer.

So what have you been up to lately? I hope that I get over this nasty allergy/head cold thing so I can actually feel normal again….well, as normal as I can get. I decided to do some major purging today so I’m going to be setting up a lot of stuff for sale including eye shadow palettes mostly by Urban Decay, Stila and Too Faced. Make sure that you check out my blog sale page here for all the new items. I hope to have them up to day in addition to all the nail polish I have on there already. Thanks for the visit today and talk to you soon!