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Hi. I’m still here even though I’m ready to murder someone because of the heat. In fact, it feels like even my hair is sweating. However, I should not be complaining because there are a bunch of demonic wildfires here in Southern California so I just want to say I hope that the people affected are able to recover. I also want to thank all the brave firefighters who are working to contain the fires. This is something that we see every summer but it never gets less tragic and scary.

I wasn’t planning on painting my nails today, but I just randomly picked up Sation Shock Me Twice Pink because it’s one of the most electric pinks that I own. My camera pretty much took a million dumps when I tried to get a color accurate picture. Just imagine the polish being darker and more neon…then multiply it by 5 million. I love this polish!

Sation Shock Me Twice Pink 1Sation Shock Me Twice Pink 2Because it’s a neon and a jelly, it took 4 coats to get full opacity. Unfortunately, 100 degree weather doesn’t cooperate with any nail polish so I got tons of bubbles even though I waited 10 minutes between coats. Poo! Incidentally, I haven’t heard a peep from Sation since they put out their fall collection so I hope they’re still in business because I love their polishes!

I am super glad that tomorrow is Friday! I just started a new job so of course my first weekend is going to be lovely. I know that in the past I talked a lot about my other job, but I won’t continue that trend. Ultimately, I think I was way too stressed out and rehashing my job woes only made the situation worse. I hope you’re all doing well and that you’re staying cool if you’re in one of the hot zones. Thanks for the visit and stay cool!

26 thoughts on “Sation Shock Me Twice Pink

  1. Am I an idiot for JUST NOW noticing that its Sation and I’ve been reading/calling it Station since I first heard about them on your blog? lol

  2. This color is insanely amazing, despite the multiple coats. How in the world are you able to get your camera to capture neons at all? Mine spazzes out, washes out the polish, then somehow gives me a tan. I’m so jealous of color-accurate neon photos.

    Wishing you and your hair and less sweatful weekend.
    Amanda @ Amandalandish recently posted..Twinsie Tuesday: BubblesMy Profile

    1. My camera is very fickle because some days it captures neons really well and other days it just refuses to cooperate. This particular polish is so much more saturated than what my pictures show, but it did manage to show how freaking bright it is. At least it helped me at least do that.
      Cynthia recently posted..Stamping Saturdays #19My Profile

  3. Osmotic! I love pinks like this!
    I actually typed the word ohmygod but the tablet changed it to osmotic. But I quite like that, so I’ll leave it.
    Good luck with the new job! Wishing u happy days. I want happy days too. That’s all a girl wants! Well that, and some polish.
    Craftynail recently posted..Dark CloudsMy Profile

  4. This reminds me quite a lot of a China Glaze Pink I have which, oddly enough, I was planning on using today!

  5. I’m glad you decided that about your job.

    I had a friend that complains a lot about our job and I was doing the same and I was feeling unhappy, so one day I decided to stop complaining and I feel way better now!

    Regarding the color, it reminds me of ChG Pink Voltage

    1. Yeah! I think that would be a good and pretty close dupe.

      I already feel better with the idea of not constantly bitching about work. 🙂

  6. I have this polish, thanks to you, haha. It also took me four coats and there was also absolutely no hope for getting a color-accurate photo. Shiz is BRIGHT!

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